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Volume One (1999​-​2001)

by Nine Leaves

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xaines True artistry. Changing how I view life as a whole in a very deep way. Really giving volume to my depth of soul.

Thanks for releasing these first 3 volumes, feels like getting a key to deeper understanding after I've already grown up. Favorite track: The Origin.
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The Origin 01:10
Listen This is how the Nine Leaves started How five inspiring artists shined through from the darkness It was Mamma Luce’s apartment like back in the days Back when Chad was engaged Aronic had braids Zack was in the 10th grade Before Isaac had changed And me, fresh in my ways, rocked the fresh fade with waves Then one day came the name and what the 9 represented The four elements of hip-hop and the body’s five senses That’s stupendous The effect on us alone was tremendous Only thing left to perfect it was the bestest way to end it And so it came to be we be the leaves forever As MC’s one for all Grow and fall together It’s all too clever To come across clear however Let me take you through the years that got us here together First, Abe met Zack with the evident fusion Then we made the track “Elements of Confusion” The sixth man split man We had to lose him But he came back Matter of fact, we’re new improved friends Our route to riches hasn’t been without glitches We found the perfect prescription to persevere past the sickness These poetic pictures We paint with musical notes and lyrical quotes So you know from the very instant you hear it it’s dope I hope you can use it Become fiends and abuse it It’s my pleasure to introduce this It’s Nine Leaves music
Moving On 04:19
Yes I’m just Stang The super suffix prefix Forever I’m gone be this No matter how you see this Original or remix I be the double helix The foundation The building block And I’m building Ock Gone keep building pop Until my heart chills and stops I got it on lock down like a locksmith Stang will spit a hot hit Just for the love of hip hopping it Yeah, I’m moving on like a fucking Teletubby ‘Cause we’re all Teletubbies I’m a rabbit and you’re a rabbit All furry rabbits in this furry world I’m a fucking Teletubby You’re a fucking Teletubby I’m a fucking rabbit with fur And I’m smooth Just like you My verses emerging through circuits surging in power I’ll certain serve all you cowards Spit off the surface for hours I’m untouchable, unpredictable, incredible Devastate landscapes with very low decibels Used to section crews into halves and then fractions Half of bastards need to see this verse in closed caption Option to close caskets Before buying Before trying Nine Leaves hits harder than four linemen Yeah, I’m moving on like a fucking Teletubby ‘Cause we’re all Teletubbies I’m a rabbit and you’re a rabbit All furry rabbits in this furry world I’m a fucking Teletubby You’re a fucking Teletubby I’m a fucking rabbit with fur And I’m smooth Just like you Head strong, think strong, built strong, Stang I start those, I end those, there wont be no games You can write out, can shout out, just call out my name And I will meet you, beat you, and heat you with flames Dang Stang came in and reigned with aggression Sustained his position Wrecked competition No question As I quest on a mission for flow perfection Writings I recording are Hip Hop’s reflection Collection Love and word connection Hand me a microphone, remarkable rhyme trajection Intellectual stimulation is my selection of music I speak it fluent whenever I do it Flip the script and do a fun joint and make you move to it Control your movements Just this single unit Consorting my culture like I be amniotic fluid One man, just Stang, ain’t no mystery to it Yeah, I’m moving on like a fucking Teletubby ‘Cause we’re all Teletubbies I’m a rabbit and you’re a rabbit All furry rabbits in this furry world I’m a fucking Teletubby You’re a fucking Teletubby I’m a fucking rabbit with fur And I’m smooth Just like you My introductory methods are meant to mentally correct the connection Between perception and the culture they’re neglecting Love and freedom we’re headed for with metaphors that needed direction Audio transmitted infections incepting spiritual epidemics My lyrical scriptures are similar to written biblical epics The Nine’s divine rhyme flaw the minds of critical skeptics Diminish your feelings of fear ‘cause I’m the prophetic anesthetic I’m the last hope for survival like a wounded soldier's medic Aronic the Infiness and you better never forget it The Nine Leaves Crew is evident of the most incredible poetics Parallel, Heather, Stang, Zack and the Phenetix G-Rock My raps are conscious of the world’s evil government desires Amazingly blazing I’m on fire like Richard Pryor Manifesting the fate of the hated like Princess Diana’s tires My many enemies envy is causing this emcee to perspire The soul pro player never gonna retire The sole golden chosen of this hip-hop empire What Of this hip-hop empire We killing it in this hip-hop empire The Nine Leaves Crew is here This hop-hop empire What Of this hip-hop empire
Flyers 03:58
It was more than just the r-e-s-p-e-c-t You see we do shit differently That’s the way it’s supposed to be Y’all beat machines and we compose these treats Y’all bring the heat to streets while we burn CDs Wolves in the corners with smiles smoking trees Life gets better once you inhale these leaves Wait for a sec, don’t hold that last breath It’s the Infiness repping for the lower deck The blood of love and hatred was the way we were related Both brothers from the mother of music we were created Our sound is of another no wonder we underrated Intellectual dialect, I was lyrically educated The illest Puerto Rican speaking with the tongue of a native Underground original migrated to the mainstream Survival is vital when you rivals with your same team Your friends are two-facing because you chasing for the same cream ‘Cause cash rules everything around you I battle you and the fools around you I’m not a real threat but a threat that surrounds you Not a big fella but a fella that’ll pound you I got ground crew Ready to clean the mess before they find you Cause of death, multiple shots of sound views I’m the shit talker Just another hit making your career rocky, like Larry Walker So dope with the flow You don’t know Now you know that We’re number one outdone by none It’s sad to see Hip-Hop had to be full of disrespect and mockery Your rivalry ain’t stopping me Nor is you verbal robbery Never stop to sleep I’m making moves while your in slumber Making such a thunder that it’s making Stevie wonder Under the influence music got me so intoxicated Decimated all the hated into what makes me motivated I fucking made it All due to the Nine Leaves crew Fuck the forgiving Conditions are critical when I.C.U. Where I come from niggas run from Small little town where I come from Asian population where I come from Surrounding towns make one Fort Lee’s the rock protecting where I come from Don’t step into the lion’s den Leonia’s feeding where I come from We even got Royals where I come from Bergen County’s where I come from Next time you spit about New Jeru’s don’t forget where I come from So dope with the flow You don’t know Now you know that We’re number one outdone by none I beg your pardon I’m disregarding your jargon Regarding my click stats Stangtakular’s character is fight back I never sit back I’m guaranteed to spit back On murky situations Show fliers with missing information On various occasions (what’s that) Crews be steady placing themselves above us I sacrifice to be nice Ya’ll seem to be like fuck us You made a mistake with shady handshakes I know you bump us ‘Cause one chick out of every click does their shit but loves us Yo my passion for blasting Asking Wielding axes Peeling back quick Your tactics will burn in matches Match this and get burnt to ashes Forging master Pieces like black smiths Watch the facts flip My actions speak louder I beat cats to weak powder Blow away the evidence Seek to leave doubters You need scouters to scour the land for fans And scan the sands My plan’s to stand And span the GAN What Danger, Danger This is a warning to all MC’s A warning to all crews Don’t confuse Nine Leaves as your little brother group Or some kids trying to get into this rap shit Hold us to your weak standards Misinterpretate us and underrate us We got this shit right now Anything y’all bring to the table We gonna match that plus some boy boy It’s the fucking Gardern State greats Repping Jersey hard So fuck what y’all think Study us motherfuckers Big Stang One hundred
In the depths of my tidal currents My rivals flourish and I will nourish your nervous verses Take a glimpse into the surface, observe this Supreme being with a purpose of pure destruction Conducting geyser eruptions and constructing corruption Give birth to creatures and to single cell amoebas Tectonic plates that shift below my weight can break Pangea Sever the connection between the continents Dam my flow forever but I reign dominant Absorbing oxygen rock, a ten on Richter scales Acid rain brain, storm, deform killer whales Swirling whirlpools that pull foes into my undertow Crumbling other folks with positive thunder bolts Rain for forty days and forty nights when Christ decided to take life Gravitational pull will just turn puddles to floods I cursed the earth when I was turned to blood Aquatic lung Kill the population with an unrivaled potency From the highest mountain peaks to twenty thousand leagues below the sea Deadly origami taking the form of a giant tsunami Delete more human beings than explosions at Nagasaki try to stop me I was hired for many occupation Sanitation Couldn’t clean my accusation For specific situations Without me, fuck fire stations Racial issues give me church invitations Without an explanation I try to keep peace I give you heat You’re welcome for your Thanksgiving feast Why a proper burial? Toast the deceased We come in many shapes and sizes With a few different disguises Gas tanks, matches, and explosive devices Kids you should try this They can’t deny this ‘Cause I love surprises I’m the bomb in a fucking crisis You all are gone if you double park the hydrant Fuck the prom ‘Cause Carrie’s my favorite client It’s a science Earth and me my ultimate alliance Nine Leaves life forms are formless Taking the form of four elements Shifting through sediments for your intelligence Nine Leaves life forms is formless Taking the form of four elements Shifting through sediments for your intelligence Whispers in the darkness Coldness has you feeling heartless My breeze is ever flowing Feel the spirit of an artist Blackstar shines the night I’m the source of respiration The breath of the almighty I’m the source of all creation Wise men prophesize never to spit in my direction Evil clouds the skies Burning eyes weather the tension Stand yourself at attention now feel the wrath of my doing F1 to F5 humans can’t measure my fury Mother nature shows no mercy Feel the winds of the unruly There is no life without me but you rape her of her beauty Element of confusion my presence felt but never seen Follow our natural course Humans fuck it up and intervene Howling through the night Spirits of children at the murder scene Don’t get a twister twisted Wind dictates the path of lost dreams When seeds need to planted Pick the hardest nigga on the planet Rock molten lava and granite Humans take for granted So I swing boulders and smash shit Destroy towns and villages Create earthquake shakes on their religious pilgrimages I’m the illest shit The first thing your ass will touch And the last your ass will see before they box your ass up I had enough of the pollution and landfills by the state So I shift my worldly plates and create their new fates Increase the death rates, fuck their wealthy estates ‘Cause not a single soul is safe when my anger inflates So shut up Nobody speak ‘cause I’m about to erupt It’s straight from my inner core, the hottest shit never touched And the puss I bust will heat, singe, incinerate and abominate Any matter in its physical state Without me nothing exists, not even my brother elements My mother consists of more than seven continents In my sediments there’s evidence of all my past residents And all things historic in my past or present tense The heavens sent me visitors, left me gifts of landmarks I was there when your god lead y’all out of the dark At the start in Eden’s garden, who helped the tree grow I’m the essence of all life and all you ever need to know Nine Leaves life forms are formless Taking the form of four elements Shifting through sediments for your intelligence Nine Leaves life forms is formless Taking the form of four elements Shifting through sediments for your intelligence I’m rarely detected Though I’m the essence of all living The incorrect application of Thanksgiving A perfect instance disregarding my strong existence Lifeless idiots challenging with persistence It was I who gave you weaponry fighting slavery It was I walking you out of your fear of bravery With the loss of my presence you lost brain power With the lack of my being you will get devoured It’s he who hates those that lack spirit Don’t forget that I’m the very conductor of any strong lyric Those who stay with me are stronger Those who live with me live longer And reach for here yonder I keep your heart full when you’re in profound hunger I leave you awake while the rest are in slumber When nations keep with me than I strike like thunder A life spirit wedding can no man put us under
On The 9th 02:17
The sweat dripping down my eyes I try to disguise The fear and fatigue Broadcasting in the vision of eyes The straining of thighs The losing of lives In this lyrical battle my opposite cries When they try to deny A flawless victory on the day of the 9th My trumpets don’t fade Energy increases with my vocal grenades I was talked about before I was made As the terror unleashing the ending of days In the form of a lyrical plague But yet I stay underrated I’m a native with the lack of creative Skills and potential was the words that were stated Independent nigga please decelerate it Have your head spinning ‘cause I fucking made it And now you hate it But now’s your chance Opportunity knocks So let’s dance You couldn’t see me with a glance In a vocal war ain’t no need for your hands Victory can only enhance The power of man The fearless shall stand And the weaker shall fall You need to think before you stall Death usually brings Sobbing all those un-regular things Let’s have a moment of silence While your angel should sing I stand atop a silent hill, standing still and quietly Mixed emotions of massacres are clouding my mind, you see Thinking back on heinous acts got me reacting violently Hoping that faithfully the fate for me is facing me towards victory Valiantly veer the vengeance for all those who died before me Some to brutality, ignorance, or cruelty Their lives in realty was murdered in cold blood Their own blood This very warpaint that motivates me They tried to rape thee, very essence of my people Tried to make us believe that our presence was not equal This battle I bring to you is just the beginning of the sequel Accumulated relations of hate become lethal See through my eyes, read my mind, and seek my soul out See the crossroads and pick your own goals and lead your own route Ninth leaf, this ninth warrior, this ninth day, this ninth bout To kill the plague of injustice just gotta pull your minds out Let your thoughts sprout through clouds of doubt and evil seen Stop doing the work of devils and act like kings ‘Cause death usually brings pain and these unusual things Join me in a moment of silence as my angel should sing
Fourcast 04:18
Phenetix forecast a full blast that fucked up your formats When in my presence just watch how you all act I crack metal jaws with metaphors and super similes Seamstresses seamed science with my circuitry Verbally seemed to be obscene but scenes in dreams scream through streams of blood steam You trapped in a writer’s block created from concrete I’m combinations with complex sensations About face and face adjacent nations Pacing in space stations while I stay for days in basements Laid to rest where my alliance was created Shout defiance reinstated Government will never speak the truth they have your brain sedated Take the law-abiding citizens and free them from enslavement You can’t decode the Nine Leaves cause we on another wavelength Cry freedom at the end and then you’ll break the fucking Matrix Same shit, different pages, different rage expresses Intellect in depth except your nation is defenseless I be the opposite of what is expected Never directed, rhyme infected Y’all neglected to give credit to the rightfully elected I span electric injecting currents into wack emcees Cause a worldly disturbance from blue skies to blackened seas Pulling stunts like action scenes Attempting death to flaunt your bravery Assuming I vanished, I took a different form like modern slavery Victory over weak individuals is bitter sweet and savory My skillful delivery just adds insult to your injury An intro to your ending and our taking of the industry A lyrical gladiator facing misery or victory Never have you met an individual that can manipulate your history I can erase your past Puppeteer your present time and so on I’m on a journey to free and capitalize Motherfuckers better hold on When the Civil War hits you better decide the side that your on I’m a be that cat defending Hip-Hop packed with a microphone and Krylon I’m a shoulder the burden while bitch emcees need a shoulder to cry on Amazing battle cats These blazing battle raps These four cats will forecast Defeat when in your path Blazing battle cats Amazing battle raps These four cats will forecast Defeat when in your path Amazing battle raps These blazing battle cats These four cats will forecast Defeat when in your path Amazing battle raps These blazing battle cats These four cats will forecast Defeat when in your path I’m on a journey journalizing My finding is not surprising My rhyming is galvanizing Bringing us to new horizons Staying above commercializing Capsizing capitalizing I’m killing your merchandizing These demons demoralizing Hip hop can’t stand aside and let this continue I bring you this venue To undo this major miscue Your misconstrued point of view is off cue We will direct you and set you My thoughts reflect through My broadcast, a newsflash The phattest forecast A full blast, an outlash on gassed iconoclast They’re flabbergast My telecast is a class cast Surpass at mass, it’s fast A gymnast couldn’t flip these stats half as fast Imagine that In a mic fight I write nights and rhyme tight Turn on the dim lights on mental insights That’s why I win fights Relax and kick my feet up and lean back like that I’m through with these mics black Where my mans at, Isaac? I got my hat tight to the side Wondering why Your bullshit reply Try to advise You met your demise You’re wasting your time And you’re definitely wasting mine In about two minutes I’m gonna commit my first crime My forecast detects Windy nights and stormy flows Blazing hot with the highs And nipples cold as the lows I came from the east And slide to the west coast My fury must grow Creep to the top then down to the Astros A few 360 degrees breeze Nine Leaves definitely sweeps Across this whole industry Waiting patiently for the next cat to step to me Vocally Get me open like pregnancies You know my steez I’m the fattest cat on this track I’m taking my stats In this lyrical almanac A pat in the back Thanks But I’m not even having that There’s more attack for this flank There’s more path for this shank ‘Cause in this rap game There’s more class to my rank You got that?
Vision 03:13
Quote the raven nevermore Will my days and nights be recognizable? An odd occurrence became evident that night I’m telling you Walk to my desk to jot down the happenings Can’t understand why my eyes are collapsing, then On the inside of my eyelids, I see lights Seen sights of dark days and then even darker nights See I’m not ok My visions have strayed away On the straight away feel like I have been blazed for days Vision your last breath Vision your highest moment Forget what you’re thinking Don’t ignore what your heart goes with Vision your own defeat Envision you saving lives What lies behind the lives all lies within the eyes It’s getting late Let me check the clock on the wall But the clock’s on my desk It hasn’t touched the wall at all Before this all happened I had it all Scened it all, dreamed it all That’s the way it seemed to me, that’s all Gotta retreat from my office Grab the coat from my closet Open the door with caution But I opened the door to my coffin Slam the door Running faster than I’ve ever ran before Damn it y’all Somebody must have planned this all Vision your last breath Vision your highest moment Forget what you’re thinking Don’t ignore what your heart goes with Vision your own defeat Envision you saving lives What lies behind the lives all lies within the eyes On painted walls in tombs I’m cocooning my face with doom Catacombs are inlaid with fumes I’m engraving these nameless runes I’ll be presumed dead at the halt of a jolt of a thousand volts From a hot chair I’m there for my murder rate and assaults Only the noble exalt the power and caliber To live and die for the honor of Camelot as a man of Excalibur So choose your challenger Contenders and all battlers fall Assassin on call Katana blade slays Enemies sprawl Enthralled in a fire, fueled by the wars of a nation Warm thoughts through meditation I was a flaming Tibetan praying Holy water spraying my face I’m strapped gaping, baking Try escaping If I’m a witch that doesn’t mean I worship Satan Facing death at a young age By the fate of the bubonic plague Being carried by rodent slaves Sending millions to their graves I was incredibly medically, there were many lives I saved Extensively, mentally, mystic energies pervade Set the stage, it’s all war Heavy metal from land and air Soldiers in trouble, their skin bubbles They’re using chemical warfare Surrounded by the dead, but whoever said war’s fair A veteran who lost limbs, hope, love, and all care The year’s 132 before the common era A Roman slave revolting hoping for freedom forever However, my endeavor Was denied by those in power Crucified by the thousands This was our final hour
Take Control 03:09
There comes a time in a man’s life Where he must look in to the eyes of death and say Nah chill Hold that I will decide the true time of my demise And you will not I repeat you will not take me when you see fit There is no other choice in my fucking life But to live in freedom Or follow the death into the night It is time my people It is time we take action Let’s take control I lost control Now I’m taking it back I’m like fifty five rocks against tanks in Iraq With the small chance I got Jesus watching my back With hidden gats I’m fire You just met your match Don’t even try to strike me Not even lightly Do the right thing nigga This ain’t Spike Lee These burners is smoking Erasers is leaving you open You’re choking on shells The barrel left in your throat and That’s controlling Take control Take control Take control Take control Here they come These fuckers is coming They swear I’m running or something Instead of the running I’m itching on gunning on something I’m casual Casually dressed to impress I’ll press casualty enough That’ll make you undress Once the gun’s to your chest You must know the bullshit stops Make sure you know the combo if prepared to knock Four pounds and two slaps I’ll unlock the locks Anything else duck down ‘Cause I’m blasting crooked cops Come on Take control Take control Take control Take control Take a look around They lied to us about Vietnam They lied to us about **** They lied to us about democracy You’re not free You’re living in a prison without bars Now what are you gonna do about it? Fuck their federal reserve Fuck their secret societies Fuck their for reasons of national security Yeah they’re in control But they are not in control of me What about you? How much longer must the lying continue? How much longer must the violence continue? How does it feel knowing you’re being controlled? Knowing you’re being manipulated? I ask because my people the name of the game is divide and conquer And we are being divided How much longer will we remain divided? Are you ready to do something? Take control Take control Take control Take control
I’m a show some skill to reveal just how I feel This cut shows open abrasions Now peep it heal Let’s keep it real Most people fear what’s on the radio I ain’t hating yo Some of that stuff is quite amazing though But notice lately those lazy Joe’s still making dough With a flaky flow Hooks with words that only babies know You must be crazy low regarding brain ratios Remove the case ammo and the ice from every phrase you throw And what your left with if you’re lucky, maybe gold ‘Cause you talk to your fans like a man that’s raising eight-year olds I try to take control and focus while I’m making scrolls I think all cake and though I’m never letting money taint my soul With patience shown I make it known that I ain’t dating more Hip Hop’s my true love as I grew up that I was waiting for And tend to make it grow diverse as a family Nine headnodic leaves restore Eternia’s humanity Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Now off the lyrics I spread Over your head It’s too heavy for your mental I guess the rhyme can’t uplift your mind Listen to every line I combine all of mine Flacked on fake emcees off a building Strap the watches ‘cause they fall with time Borderline Might be close enough then you think See I have to freestyle ‘cause my pen don’t hold enough ink Now it’s cool to have nice jewels But don’t forget the real shine come from right moves You light dudes can’t even fight fools With weak arguments of those set up not to drop a sequel You might call me a cannibal ‘cause I’m fed up with a lot of people Money scheming hand code and scope on they’re trike Many hold heat but never reloaded it in they’re life Keep these eyes wide open to see who wanted to lay us Some say life is a sport Guess why many so people want to be players So if I land two I plan through It’s too easy to get your name squashed Stuff I spill leaves mental stains nobody can brainwash The life of the mic device It gets sacrificed like abortion Contorting you mentals with acapellas reinforcing Lyrical mastery with a navigating capacity Geographically voicing opinions like Mr. Macafee Remove the wack emcee Alter the state of his anatomy And mail his internal organs to the home of his family From mom dukes and third cousins Fetus are coming out a month early got the nurse bugging We heard thuggin’ Industry rappers with a combustion Spontaneous and real embarrassing like a comic losing the dozens Tele-wack rap, you gotta go The exit’s that way And don’t even make an entrance until you come with a hotter flow We crust cerebellums and roll ‘em inside of optimal Stimulating like G-spots, causing my cock to grow That penetrate vaginal mind states With the philosophical and neurological verses opening third opticals Taking the loss is never optional Entertaining the thought is comical Like the Hagar the Horrible in your chronicles Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust No fear of man in me but be afraid of my floetry I be the pervert to grope the beat Wack emcees everyday hope to be The ghetto rapper to own the street Hold the toast blasting off openly If you ain’t the shirt on my back then get the fuck off of me Your rhymes are inferior, ain’t shit that you could offer me I practice my own philosophy, created an original dialect Spit in a language all my own, still witness the rhyme effect Poetic like biblical hymns with divine intellect I spit for the mass Like a master of masturbation I come correct By fucking your intelligence, attempting to make you smarter Busting nuts into your brain in your medulla oblongata A warrior lyrically darker than a Zulu named Shaka Indivisible, divided in visible visuals, I’m dissing you Extract claws for combat that’s physical Mythical individual crack craters with syllables UFOs described as cymbals, simple symbols, I put faith in pen and pencils I tap temples for tempos and skull caps for mental stencils, stand still Your raps solidify, solids liquify, when I blink my eye sparks will fly Cocoon myself and meta morph Depart on mega zords Strike with adamantium antlers and a barrage of metaphors Telepathic communication, decapitation of competition Manipulation of pawn position, listen I encrypted codes in kryptonite using equipment from spy tech Enlisted laser sight and missile mics to target minds Dying to find the riddle of life while you’re defying Death but still you’re killing yourself within your trying Your mind then deteriorates from all the lying Of hoping that dreams come true but they’ve come and gone like lighting Losing’s never an option when sparring lyrical boxing My hits strip your lips of free speech The red sea parted by Moses and poses threats And hoses the hottest trends A torrential verbal wet stream to clean the culture I defend I was sent to implement underground and main amends To prevent the haps that went and rebuild it over again B-boy troops, emcees and graffi artist we luster Nine Leaves essential structures and we murder motherfuckers Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Hip holocaust Revealed in stolen clothing was a spirit laid before me Grabbing hold of holy water, spraying scriptures while anointing Holding only the chosen ones with children that all ignore thee Forty sorters with forty shields and swords meant for destroying Melodious ceremonies set for the sacrifices once the nicest is sliced Insides collected from the fighters Mighty the many who fall at the hands of the sword To slice and dice many ways while the holy biblical verses recited Who knows why these foes go to battle with the lyrically beautiful symmetry Meant by the goddess grant the remedy Seemingly simpletons step to the altar taking fatally Mabeline-painted faces greet the fate of path of misery Might I pass this last wrath and laugh at my enemies Many who fail to see the lighted path fall in front of me MC’ing came to be Way to succeed in this destiny Floor full of dead souls Slaughtered by my verbal weaponry I’m illustrating that this is not a cult but a culture of liberation Liberation of art and a liberation of statement Liberated enough to express the thinking of hatred Express the thinking of genius and carry the feeling sacred Carry evil emotion like Isis I melt an ocean Carry a group of people to serve a cause or promotion Carry a situation encage it into a versal You would not understand on an underground or commercial Level within this matrix Full of pestering agents Whether Angie or Bobby don’t still exist in enslavement So I listen to articles sitting inside my inner Visualize a method to comprehend this agenda I’m shadow boxing Prepare with training Sweating and staining No fainting Maintaining the kingdom I’m reigning Never complaining They love me like Raymond Desire is flaming I’m taking your squad So call the replacements or the monsters that hide in your basement I’m facing drama and all the shit that you feed me Leaving me stashing the heat in my balls like Adebisi You can’t defeat thee Who can’t be provoked I’m watching you choke With the sharp tongue that’s slowly cutting your throat Quote I devote my time since birth I’ve searched the earth To earn what’s rightfully mine Fame, wealth, power, respect In no particular order Nove, nueve, whatever We’ll still leave you slaughtered


released August 1, 2022

Music Composed and Arranged by Zack Hemsey

Album Mixed and Mastered by Lou Hemsey and Zack Hemsey

Artwork & Design by Omead Afshari


all rights reserved