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I’m a show some skill to reveal just how I feel
This cut shows open abrasions
Now peep it heal
Let’s keep it real
Most people fear what’s on the radio
I ain’t hating yo
Some of that stuff is quite amazing though
But notice lately those lazy Joe’s still making dough
With a flaky flow
Hooks with words that only babies know
You must be crazy low regarding brain ratios
Remove the case ammo and the ice from every phrase you throw
And what your left with if you’re lucky, maybe gold
‘Cause you talk to your fans like a man that’s raising eight-year olds
I try to take control and focus while I’m making scrolls
I think all cake and though I’m never letting money taint my soul
With patience shown I make it known that I ain’t dating more
Hip Hop’s my true love as I grew up that I was waiting for
And tend to make it grow diverse as a family
Nine headnodic leaves restore Eternia’s humanity

Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust

Now off the lyrics I spread
Over your head
It’s too heavy for your mental
I guess the rhyme can’t uplift your mind
Listen to every line
I combine all of mine
Flacked on fake emcees off a building
Strap the watches ‘cause they fall with time
Might be close enough then you think
See I have to freestyle ‘cause my pen don’t hold enough ink
Now it’s cool to have nice jewels
But don’t forget the real shine come from right moves
You light dudes can’t even fight fools
With weak arguments of those set up not to drop a sequel
You might call me a cannibal ‘cause I’m fed up with a lot of people
Money scheming hand code and scope on they’re trike
Many hold heat but never reloaded it in they’re life
Keep these eyes wide open to see who wanted to lay us
Some say life is a sport
Guess why many so people want to be players
So if I land two I plan through
It’s too easy to get your name squashed
Stuff I spill leaves mental stains nobody can brainwash

The life of the mic device
It gets sacrificed like abortion
Contorting you mentals with acapellas reinforcing
Lyrical mastery with a navigating capacity
Geographically voicing opinions like Mr. Macafee
Remove the wack emcee
Alter the state of his anatomy
And mail his internal organs to the home of his family
From mom dukes and third cousins
Fetus are coming out a month early got the nurse bugging
We heard thuggin’
Industry rappers with a combustion
Spontaneous and real embarrassing like a comic losing the dozens
Tele-wack rap, you gotta go
The exit’s that way
And don’t even make an entrance until you come with a hotter flow
We crust cerebellums and roll ‘em inside of optimal
Stimulating like G-spots, causing my cock to grow
That penetrate vaginal mind states
With the philosophical and neurological verses opening third opticals
Taking the loss is never optional
Entertaining the thought is comical
Like the Hagar the Horrible in your chronicles

Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust

No fear of man in me but be afraid of my floetry
I be the pervert to grope the beat
Wack emcees everyday hope to be
The ghetto rapper to own the street
Hold the toast blasting off openly
If you ain’t the shirt on my back then get the fuck off of me
Your rhymes are inferior, ain’t shit that you could offer me
I practice my own philosophy, created an original dialect
Spit in a language all my own, still witness the rhyme effect
Poetic like biblical hymns with divine intellect
I spit for the mass
Like a master of masturbation I come correct
By fucking your intelligence, attempting to make you smarter
Busting nuts into your brain in your medulla oblongata
A warrior lyrically darker than a Zulu named Shaka

Indivisible, divided in visible visuals, I’m dissing you
Extract claws for combat that’s physical
Mythical individual crack craters with syllables
UFOs described as cymbals, simple symbols, I put faith in pen and pencils
I tap temples for tempos and skull caps for mental stencils, stand still
Your raps solidify, solids liquify, when I blink my eye sparks will fly
Cocoon myself and meta morph
Depart on mega zords
Strike with adamantium antlers and a barrage of metaphors
Telepathic communication, decapitation of competition
Manipulation of pawn position, listen
I encrypted codes in kryptonite using equipment from spy tech
Enlisted laser sight and missile mics to target minds

Dying to find the riddle of life while you’re defying
Death but still you’re killing yourself within your trying
Your mind then deteriorates from all the lying
Of hoping that dreams come true but they’ve come and gone like lighting
Losing’s never an option when sparring lyrical boxing
My hits strip your lips of free speech
The red sea parted by Moses and poses threats
And hoses the hottest trends
A torrential verbal wet stream to clean the culture I defend
I was sent to implement underground and main amends
To prevent the haps that went and rebuild it over again
B-boy troops, emcees and graffi artist we luster
Nine Leaves essential structures and we murder motherfuckers

Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust
Hip holocaust

Revealed in stolen clothing was a spirit laid before me
Grabbing hold of holy water, spraying scriptures while anointing
Holding only the chosen ones with children that all ignore thee
Forty sorters with forty shields and swords meant for destroying
Melodious ceremonies set for the sacrifices once the nicest is sliced
Insides collected from the fighters
Mighty the many who fall at the hands of the sword
To slice and dice many ways while the holy biblical verses recited
Who knows why these foes go to battle with the lyrically beautiful symmetry
Meant by the goddess grant the remedy
Seemingly simpletons step to the altar taking fatally
Mabeline-painted faces greet the fate of path of misery
Might I pass this last wrath and laugh at my enemies
Many who fail to see the lighted path fall in front of me
MC’ing came to be
Way to succeed in this destiny
Floor full of dead souls
Slaughtered by my verbal weaponry

I’m illustrating that this is not a cult but a culture of liberation
Liberation of art and a liberation of statement
Liberated enough to express the thinking of hatred
Express the thinking of genius and carry the feeling sacred
Carry evil emotion like Isis I melt an ocean
Carry a group of people to serve a cause or promotion
Carry a situation encage it into a versal
You would not understand on an underground or commercial
Level within this matrix
Full of pestering agents
Whether Angie or Bobby don’t still exist in enslavement
So I listen to articles sitting inside my inner
Visualize a method to comprehend this agenda

I’m shadow boxing
Prepare with training
Sweating and staining
No fainting
Maintaining the kingdom I’m reigning
Never complaining
They love me like Raymond
Desire is flaming
I’m taking your squad
So call the replacements or the monsters that hide in your basement
I’m facing drama and all the shit that you feed me
Leaving me stashing the heat in my balls like Adebisi
You can’t defeat thee
Who can’t be provoked
I’m watching you choke
With the sharp tongue that’s slowly cutting your throat
I devote my time since birth
I’ve searched the earth
To earn what’s rightfully mine
Fame, wealth, power, respect
In no particular order
Nove, nueve, whatever
We’ll still leave you slaughtered


from Volume One (1999​-​2001), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved