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Volume Two (2002​-​2003)

by Nine Leaves

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Warfare 04:29
About a hundred and seventy five horses Take a look at me I don’t give a fuck I still move rapidly The size of a tanker filled with gasoline You cock snackers don’t understand my lethal rappery I’m getting sick of you jokers Ya’ll niggas leaving the deck I’m pulling cards like its Russian roulette I’m pulling triggers ‘till there’s nothing else left I’m pulling triggers ‘till your neck is a mess And that smile is on top of your desk I come across with a three piece blazer Looking stunning like a motherfucking taser Holding erasers Watch the bullets chase ya Do me a favor Don’t run ‘cause I don’t wanna shake what your momma gave ya I’ll take your work and pitch what your boss baked up Never moved a brick but I push a case of Your body face up Cold and wearing make up Set up a frontline Engage to create a punch line I eat raps, spit wack cats out at lunchtime And if the sun shine till tomorrow Explode hollow tips at foe follow grip mics and blow halogen lights At precise points to point press your eyes Warpaint to paint pictures like pagan’s paint paintings Stimulate great simulating weight when I’m spraying I’ve seen sights of mics how you like that? Holographic data just retype that After the war bring the beats and mics back As I recite raps with my staff in my right hand to knight tracks Exact syntax of synth slaps react sick twisted Your body is blood-stained defending war grounds Where I left all my foes slain And if the rain cleared the fog then I’ll follow the storm See you at the next rhyme when hip hop is reborn Witness the manuscripted and written depiction of a vision Depicting the vicious and wicked image I’m living I’m a man among neglected infected decrepit and wretched Descended from the heavens, resurrecting is my mission And I am the man incepted with the weapon implemented For affecting and inflicting the sickened with the precision of medicinal incisions Fuck traditional religion Pray to above but love sinning Play to the drum of blood dripping Nigga who the fuck you kidding with killings, massacre and murders Blood on the government's hands in other lands you never heard of However you never wonder why these clans are trying to hurt ya In 91 we put Sadaam to shame And it’s a damn shame That it came to fast planes blasting into vast flames And melting the mass frames of centers of world trade And the man we love to hate is the center of world fame For my ending and last claim Look how quick we had the man blamed All I’ve got is pain Encaged, enraged to feign my fate My hate I take to all who stall a change Wounded cuts cross Enforce the force Reverse the course All I need is peace Unhealed, unsealed Reveal to feel the fear And steer it clear of those who care Incentive to sentence all of my sins And sentence all of my wins And sentence all of my foes A cold winter blows And now I’m on top while the empire folds Bleeding from my soul Searching for a code Angels holding scepters accepting all of my woes Misery has called Leaving a message for what was done But my eyes and ears only sense what’s to come The path I lead is toward the sun While the life I live has just begun I rung and sung these lyrical decrees Like Judge Mathis I rap raw, sentence wack emcees under rap law Nine leaves we be’s beyond tapping jaws We tapping spinal cords Tapping toes to floors Clap your hands applause Murder all Met all the murky their efforts I’m hurting the feckless Depending if they flirt with my fetish Fermenting the letters The funk that kills and fractures my foes Embedded in those to better my flows Yo stay on your toes Like ballerinas my galleria will wreck your palacia Conceded of falacia cono maldita Me and my people pica peaking through receivers and speakers on stereos Stang will bury foes Between a hard and a hard place Put a rock in your soft face Inscribed he tried to be Scarface but died from Stang’s mic blaze End of your days Stang’s the second wave Though it’s all fair When you test my Nine Leaves, it’s warfare
Closer 04:18
On the interstate highway On the interstate highway switching lanes Flashing lights and some pouring rain Lord, why did you take them away Situation so strange How could this happen to me Insanity took advantage of me Closer Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me 5 o’clock in the afternoon Heading home from paying my dues My feet strain from discomforting shoes Passing the blocks where I chilled with my crew Sucking peanut chews Wolves got nothing to do Stay on the move Cut the corner quick Take off my tie, unbutton my shirt I pull to the curb, I’m finally home from work Step out the whip and it’s silent and shit Head towards the crib Bloody pathway, I’m running and quick I find my wife plus my kid just drenched in blood I fall to my knees I’m begging God please Please God don’t do this to me Run to the room and I’m grabbing my tool Any fool in the house is feeling the fumes I’m slipping my shoes This bloody stain I hear the rain dripping off the window pane Now I’m going insane I’m reaching for my kid’s picture frame I’m just, just reaching for the picture frame But my soul’s in flames Closer Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me Suddenly the door opens and I’m rolling across the floor Choking over broken glass Get in position Aiming for his ass Couldn’t see him My vision blurry There’s more than one I pulled the gun Then one dropped Then I heard “Stop, it’s the cops” Gunshot He ran through the back I went down the block Hopped in a Honda Civic hatchback Popped it in gear Felt the neck snap the rear Whipped back, hot flash I’m back on the interstate highway switching lanes Flashing lights and some pouring rain Lord, why did you take them away I pray Notice the temperature gauge Smoking hood, car over-aged Losing pace, pull to the side End of my ride I’m looking outside The gun to my thighs I’m looking up high Now I cry Tinted glass helps me hide It’s time I’m ready to die I’m ready to fly No, I can’t go no more I lost control I need to stop this right now I need to stop I’m not going nowhere Popped the clip Kiss the tip Once through the door Make it spit Try to hit everything I can get Let me sit for a sec Run my life through inspects Took a long way, no regrets The loves of my life My kid and my wife I lost The stab of a knife is what it feels like I’m not the criminal type So fuck the gun I’ll step outside and act like I’m holding one It’s suicide Closer Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me Closer I’m here
I’m here baby I’m finally with you They can never break us And I’m a never let you go I love you
On And On 04:52
Let's take it back to the beginning, the feeling is still cold Once upon a time Brooklyn was my home My father and my mother and me and my bro Not a worry in the world, chubby and snot nosed We were so naive that we did not know All the troubles in our home and we was flat broke Crackhead Jamaicans on the top floor Always jacking our shit just to cop blow My brother's violin, TV, VCR Goddamn, I can't forget the Atari 26 hundred Now we just left with nothing I'm older and wondering if my father was fronting After all that I saw, if there was more than meets the eye And take the time to find what used to make my mother cry And why she used to scream “I can't take another lie” Sometimes I felt the lord was just the devil in disguise See me love See through these eyes This is my life See my survive If I ever would've known then what I know now Never would've ever been the memory of poverty And possibly the memory was merrily and positive My life was hard to live and even harder as a kid Watching daddy making music was the favorite thing we did And little did we know he was taking hits instead of making them A piano player that played more than a piano TV was my escape but I saw more than one channel Damn Have you ever felt there’s no escape When you’re taken from your soul mate Dedicated to our dreams but separated at the seams At the moment it all seems fake Don’t know what it all means But then you realize reality hit you with a marital issue Now you in New Jeruz while he in little Beirut Selling nickels even yet to getting pimples Your my blood, my heart is wilted The guilt will forever be heavy on my soul Heavy on my heart My brother they’ll never tear us apart Can it be that it was all so simple Can it be that it was all so hopeful Could our fate be nothing more than hurtful Can it be that it was all so simple I’m no longer a child, I’ve seen these years go by I’ve grieved many times, but yet these tears don't dry I live my life in seasons and the leaves don't lie Fall’s an emotion, who said trees don't cry Every man has his moment and we don't know why I’m pleading for reasons, screaming please don't die My attempts at begging have falling on deaf ears Music made him a legend, but dead at 47 years I'm a better man because of it all, I’ve opened these eyes and GCozmic you’re my Rock, you’re my reason for surviving And being in your presence, happiness is of the essence Little Cruz the 4th, your mission’s to break this vicious cycle. Ain't no other mother that’s loving quite like you What you're hearing is the story of my life in my view If it wasn’t for my crew no telling what I might do So much I wanna tell the world, but not enough time to A disciple for the world, every single word is vital Live will give it and will take it but never take it for granted Whether we make it or break it, we gotta stand it and manage I’m a man of ambition and vision and reaching divine When I die I’m leaving behind my achievements in rhyme I’m a leave you with these words that should seep in your mind My father’s last words are spoken and frozen in time Honest and plain, simple and truthful “Remember that you’re beautiful” See me love See through these eyes This is my life See my survive
Another falsehood Another snake that watches us get tortured Feeding off the remnants Stemming from the ordered deaths My energy’s enemy See it eats the force whose source is black as space So I pace And build a wall that halts this fallen race Constructing shields as fields across my face ‘Cause there’s untold goals Whose parallax will taint the facts and blacken backs Because you see it’s not the time to wait Not the time to wait for their fate It’s now the time to wake ‘Bout that time to wake to the stake Look To the stars to see just where you’ve come Where the gods of old are truly from Where the seeds of Earth’s multiple tongues All derive so strive to make undone All the ties that bind us recognize That the key to flight it really lies In our hearts and thoughts and in our minds Using wings of light begin to rise Rise From the depths of fear that cloud your eyes From the baleful world in which you die Let your wings be spread unto the sky Unto heaven’s end begin to rise
Glory God Make it all stop Grant me one wish so I can drop Into deep wonderful sleep Someone’s got to help me Glory God Make it all stop Grant me one wish so I can drop Into deep wonderful sleep Someone’s got to help me Little Davy Jenkins was a little Finnish boy With a little brittle build And a simple little shovel to be used when he was killed See this little middle child held a little riddle gift Whether bat or gat Slash or gash Flash of juice Set the noose Let it loose Set a rift in his ribs Get him ripped into bits And he tried and tried and tried But this little boy just wouldn’t die So he came up with a notion seeming kind of precocious But seeing it hopeless Made the decision to throw sense into the wide open To possibly discover a potion made of a magical substance A radical fungus Or possibly a secret lotion from the ocean Or his meeting a shaman to teach and chatter ‘Bout the former or the latter See it didn’t matter It didn’t matter what it took to unhook from immortality’s prison The time had risen So he walked and he walked Over cobblestones and ditches Into every single village Asking for assistance The locals with insistence convinced him with persistence They’d unite everyone to kill him and fix him And though he traveled to countless places Encountering countless faces The only benefit was that he brought these adjacent nations together ‘Cause striving to kill him put problems aside Except for one He was still alive Glory God Make it all stop Grant me one wish so I can drop Into deep wonderful sleep Someone’s got to help me Glory God Make it all stop Grant me this wish so I can drop Into deep wonderful peace Something’s got to help me Then one day Pursuit gave way And Davy strayed Beyond where a soul had stayed And it was a deep in an everglade That never rained That Poktos prayed Standing tall and gray She was a cannibal squirrel with irregular whiskers That was humanoid and she spoke in a whisper Picture the look on Davy’s face as he spoke in a mess Would you be able to kill me? Yes Yes Thank you God I’ve been waiting so long Suddenly he felt tremendous pain Body rearranged He was undergoing something quite insane Quite an unexpected change It’s all an exchange involving a trade Poktos to the grave And Davy just left to remain Living in this world Living as the squirrel Hidden memory brought treasures of the lives of predecessors Though of death not a possessor He would hunt the next successor Centuries old he roamed the land For one who sought to die by any measure Glory God Grant me one wish Free me from life End all of this Grant me sleep Wonderful sleep Oh God won’t you help me Glory God Make it all stop Grant me this wish so I can drop Into deep wonderful sleep Oh God won’t you help me
Sit deep think quick react even faster In fact, thought to cast you, capture mind frames for data Data, plus then I can loop back the scene Expose your blows to calculate sums of dreams Sons are kings, past poems are tombs written like scrolls Inflicting the young, in fact inflicting the old Decrypted the code Explode, cause friction to foes to pray hard Try to escape but I lock you in these eight bars Lyrical lacerations, paraphrasing your face guard Blast a nation with raps amazing, we making them raise the bar My flows poetically adept to the depths of the devil’s reaching My mental potential cause audible treble levels peaking Levels peaking, devils seeking beacons breaching and deleting You find the way that I’m freaking speaking speeches while I’m sleeping Inside of my own space Pitch black in a zone wait Pushbacks and the bones break Thus collapse from their own weight When I Rock your dome with a battle blow The microphone knows your flows fake I’ll make it known to the whole state Bring a close to your souls fate Incarcerate with no probable cause Close the gate with no escape My blood boils with cold hate I’m nasty in ways that most ain’t I’m at a loss for words There’s nothing left to say I’m at a loss for words Just let the music play Imagine the roles reversed Those with flows the most deserving To show remorse for the poor and to those the dough would serve Dispose of my foes and emerge Deploy my metaphors and verbs Lyrical lieutenant that headed and led the war with his words Absurd verbs observe to react quick Wackness gets slashed with hatches Face the facets captured facts are fractured as fast as flashes Disaster strikes the masses when the mask gets worn in the past tense Cracked lenses for false image appearance Fear this, fearless, bring water into my eyes until the tears drip Sins sear sick, sincere twist, Vicks clears the mist, decrypts weird words that I mix here Fix gears, rip ears and mics alike twice as nice as divine scripts here I’m living to die to be born again, the mortal men are mourning And only when the dawn of the morning is open for the soul of the chosen omen And all the holy men are yelling amen for the lord that they believe in The religion you living and leading is giving you reason deceiving in meaning Meanings deemed supreme seeing scenes weaved from looms in dreams Cling to things, screen the scenes, freeze the frames, sees the blame Scenes convey, seem to stray from true means Confuse beings the Nine Leaves consume teams The fumes stream through crews screams However but few seen the level of true cream Niggas waiting for loot dreams like pathetical new teens Never ever confuse clean with the smell of a new fiend I’m amused by letting you bleed like that channel eleven news team Fuck exposed to radiation I suffer from blood in my gamma stream I casually battle teams and offer money back guarantees Visualize and imagine your fantasies The factual actualities Fuck the fallacies you see often My illumination is exposin Woven a perfect potent potion closed in an emulsion Approaching cold winter pulses holding poses for winter solstice From whence the soul sits on crumbling bed rock These bumbling idiots get your stumbling heads chopped We phonetically rip shop With the methods of hip-hop We poetically lick shots In other words our verbs are murder Heard a certified burner blows back to break the common Verbs are murdered been served to the poetry of Aronic I’m at a loss for words There’s nothing left to say I’m at a loss for words Just let the music play
Let ‘em touch me Let ‘em seek to try and rush me Let me crack the hourglass To end this waiting so they can crush me My living it tempts the bent of path Whose wrath would see me burned But my strokes of luck have struck a cord With swords of those who’ve learned And I’ve turned to face the beast I’ll be silenced to say the least But I’ll cease to fear the fear that wrecks this puzzle that I’ve pieced As I embattle this counter siege My liege self will stealthy die ‘Cause with so many guns and only one There’s no one to fortify So know that I decry with certainty Flirting with my insurgency While cursing this incursion that’s curing despite the hurting See I’m dangerous And it’s worth the curse ‘Cause if I don’t it’s worse So motherfuckers better bring the hearse And understand My nimble mind ain’t got time to deal with lies alive inside a fucking prison ‘Cause I’m ridden With notions that oceans of life await me So I’ll take my chances dancing with the death to breathe in safety ‘Cause the amaranth sees in amaranthine dreams And the predator sees what sort of predator screams And it’s the same old plot Denying they took the first shot Must have been that crazy man deserving what he got Leaning on door planks with spinning, smoking techs I’m grinning Focused let’s begin this locus fest Lord of the flies Orders to die Slaughter your lies Bordered up pride So despite the vast blood loss The pain will just ride And in vain I must cry To judge freedom I fight forth To test the right course And plug up life’s force With clots of mic cords So electrifying Phenetix speaks easy And the freedom of speech flows freely From each individual, see me Crunch time decision maker Spin a web but weave a tale to buy your time So you can make or break or run for it Fuck this shit Stand my ground and make a gun for it So when I turn to bust You must realize that you want none of this In the depths of my being I free demons To search for the reason of malfeasance That be bleeding my breathing Blood of the lamb tainted Infected and holding hatred With single celled pace I erase my former trace A former case Our contact tract will crack backs And backed I hold fast But tracked I won’t last See seemingly streaming’s the proper means of my seething And I’m concealing conceiving while I’m conceiving deceiving The reaper speaks so fucking furious Marksmen can snipe for miles And the sparks can wipe the smiles Them too smart to light the trials Your heart’s piped inside of vials Behind mills between the silo Cry slow for your survival Hence the truth will never die though ‘Cause the amaranth sees in amaranthine dreams And the predator sees what sort of predator screams And it’s the same old plot Denying they took the first shot Must have been that crazy man deserving what he got Let ‘em try and take me Let ‘em seek to taunt and taint me Let ‘em try to talk me down And shake my spirit so they can break me Two lines for every side of the story The sly and the sorry The violence is gory Elude the lies that are luring I don’t walk in secret And I don’t stalk in seasons With iniquitous rhythms my system is seizing this treason Believe in the problem solver A revolver to clap at you bastards Actual actions Find the demons marching Matching your passions Demons are feeding And breeding My inner self explodes With weapons of mass destruction And tension to sunder its suction Corruption consumption Conducting, constructing eruption of these dungeons I bludgeon all ‘till they fall See my grave is raised My contempt’s been gauged Now this motherfucking rage has found a helpful sage And these blades are cold Inflicting cuts untold And this day is of a shade that’s of a fadeless mold I spin around and pound the gavel I spin around and smooth the gravel To prepare a bed for the bastards that flew the sparrow Modern day arrows pierce fort walls that do surround me Drops of sap from the seeds I’ve sewn flood the ground around me Surreal but yet astounding Truth speaker turned to martyr Prepare the fledgelings to flock from the nest to teach the rest Without the vest they are the starter Of Desert Eagles hunting Spray stray shots to aid the chaos so they don’t come in
Bitter Sweet 02:57
A life lost to the flow of the streets Swallowed by the barrel in the path of a beast Rosaries hanging down from my palms to my knees I’m actually believing the reason he had to leave is Maybe he’s free With a tight squeeze I breath Look towards the cross Except my sins before I storm through these doors With so many questions and no one to ask I’m putting myself together But I’m shattered like glass It’s a fine day anyway It’s been a week but I know where the shooter stay He make his run out of state Philly where he lay My source was brotherly love from the Jack Of Trades So walk with me as I go through the story line I’m trying to find my mind for this painful rhyme In time you people would see what this did to me Your breath and death is my life on this casualty Provoked Come close What he got he hides How I come to find this powder of a precious kind How he gonna go and steal from a violent mind Consider a loaded clip inside Though a life of crime has given me sights What a sight to describe what’s it’s like What a fight As the bullet exits right through flesh Headed for rest just left of a different man’s chest Another price met But I guess better him than me A life lost in an unintended casualty Quarter to three I’m creeping up his stoop The cops making their rounds With two bullets to shoot The first is for the pain To suffer before the rain The second is left engraved with my brother’s name Excuse me miss Get the fuck out my way I’m looking for Jay Jay He pulls out the gauge He’s driven to draw first But too late I aimed One shot One wound One spot Almost took all I got But I still got it cocked And this man’s gonna drop As soon as I let it rock As soon as the bullet zooms Through gloom and his certain doom I’m consumed Confused as my hesitation looms Couldn’t move Couldn’t choose Could it be it was the moon But, gotta make decisions soon As I bleed As the sheen from my gun provides a scene I can see The look in his eyes I’d do it if mine I feel what he feels Something real in the anger from his steal Yet, never let the heart persuade is what I always said Loosen up, turn around Walk away and now I’m
Life breeds love like a knight streams blood Night dreams of nice things Might these come? Time sees no light so she fights mean ‘cause Her rights mean so much His pride means none These eyes have seen signs My rhymes I read crimes She tries he undermines She cries he doesn’t mind She left this motherfucker for about a hundred times The nigga never quit so it’s time to grab the nine Dumb son of a bitch it’s not the time to just deny How about a apologize You about to fucking die Now look into his eyes for the last and final time Keep your kids in mind when you decide to cross that line Rush Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soaring up off the floor Screaming rhymes Shouting lines into lives With the sky always mine In the state of a regular high Life, life, life, life Feel the sound of these lines Come through the symphony of our lives The flesh of my flesh The blood of my blood Is in a heck of a mess A muck made of mud Of his dirt and their tears The hurt and despair Covered by curtains of fear And no one’s aware But when it’s made clear He’s scared no one will be there Though I’m pissed I’ll always be fair Be clear I’ll always be here This ain’t just a song Although you’re morally wrong I’ll help you move on And the movement is strong Through these troublesome times Regardless the crime We still tie the same blood line Brah I’m Soul, body, and mind Nobody’s inclined to hold by the divine design Of the most high Though you, I, and most try Most lie, boast, cry In these events we’re just instruments In the symphony of life Simply there’s strife Don’t play into it Stay a brim of it Stang Rush Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soaring up off the floor Through the lies Through the cries Through the signs Through the crimes With the nine through the terrible, terrible times Life, life, life, life Let the sound of these rhymes Come through the symphony of our lives Seasons are blended But reasons offended Has lended a hand to the reason you’re tensing Has got the best of us Lessons are just that So let us adjust Better that us Learn the lessons of trust So just in flux Know composed flows are fused Confused? Pause take a second to choose Live life to the fullest Lose all that I got Let me take a bit of both and put it all in a pot I am A dead man walking A thinker that thinks often It don’t mean I’m not attracted I am distracted By going on’s around us Live life like a nomad But the arrow found us Astounding Sounding like a poet joking But the toll takes a serious token No rolling over to get mowed and ripped You’re in my heart so Rhymes in my soul And that’s it What All the criminals running And all the sinister gunning There’s still sun in the son Whose one that’s got to hear the phone ring All we need is an angel to sing So all the mothers of soldiers Won’t have to hear the bell ring ‘Cause life’s light strikes right through pain And uh, life’s love runs deep through strain A shadow of the former self Waking, moving, stepping through the shadow To a higher shelf Myself to life I rush Rush Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soaring up off the floor Screaming rhymes Shouting lines into lives With the sky always mine In the state of a regular high Life, life, life, life Feel the sound of the nine Come through the symphony of our lives
Iron Grip 04:29
Picture an arm and hammer Now picture these arms with hammers Not to pop and blam ya The ones to cock back and slam ya My grammar My language is dangerous Feel the iron grip Clenched by the iron fist Stang is running this shit Yeah This is the Soviet sound So be it that we are it and holding it down From right now Till kingdom come The kings have come I feel lethal like Neo I know I’m the one The top show gun Top flows get shun for fun I rock shows till the shows is done It’s Stang One Coming in like an avalanche Destruction’s sort of like a dance With battle plans I’m wishing and itching to have the chance Remain in an iron stance With an iron lance for a fist Better drop back quick Cross the line and assist ‘Cause the hidden hand lands where I spit Terror sips from my lip Made of granite Just examine The planets communicate through weather and cloud cover So you know I speak the language of thunder I’m a menace but a legend when it comes to defending Split the presence of the heavens Into remnants unmended when I’m contended The water Torture Techniques are treacherous Engulfed within my blackout of biological excellence So settle in Like peasants of peddling pestilence A pesticide blasting ‘em Casting insects out like an exodus Whose next to flip and grip with iron restraints And I’m frying membranes And you’re trying, lying, lying dead in your place I silence kindness for the violence When they try to refrain And all the blinded find the mindless When they try to complain So my design is of the finest shift I’m never the same So when I speak it simple and plain I go straight for the brain The iron clad grip Iron four I am more war Ready War Ready Raw Deadly iron clap y’all Back to the back door Back to the backpacks Back to attack dogs With backs to the wall Draw two iron hatchets to hack and slash y’all My heart’s catapulting my life Like pole-vaulting fires Shock Clear Pounding my chest with live wires Shock Clear Conditions is unexplainable Shock Clear I’m breathing grasping the table And I Can’t Stop With numerous blows to the hands of angels And I Won’t Quit Beating the horns of devils till I’m stable And I Can’t I Won’t I Never lay down Still got eight rounds I still got something left Now I Walk with death Flatline Bullet holes in my chest I’m gifted with the craft of script and rap I read the scriptures And I ripped them into strips of facts Then spit them into rhythm tracks Fuck the music business of ignorance We bringing wisdom back Examine what you’re rapping And conclude you’re just a rapping fool Attacking your manhood Retracting you back to your damaged youth Discipline your actions of whackness Please see me after school Come follow me The soldier with soul power The prophet The only chosen one The golden child with flowing style Behold I am the holy son We fight until the war is one Until we see that day has come I’ll never feel the warmth of sun Never believe whatever they told There never could be They keep us below Inevitably my people will know Together we’ll be Forever we’ll grow Never leave when they need you Never look beating or let ‘em see you cry Never lead your people to evil And remember to never let ‘em die Never let ‘em die Never gonna die it’s inside of me Never gonna tear this grip out of me


released August 1, 2022

Music Composed and Arranged by Zack Hemsey

Album Mixed and Mastered by Lou Hemsey and Zack Hemsey

Artwork & Design by Omead Afshari


all rights reserved