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It was more than just the r-e-s-p-e-c-t
You see we do shit differently
That’s the way it’s supposed to be
Y’all beat machines and we compose these treats
Y’all bring the heat to streets while we burn CDs
Wolves in the corners with smiles smoking trees
Life gets better once you inhale these leaves
Wait for a sec, don’t hold that last breath
It’s the Infiness repping for the lower deck

The blood of love and hatred was the way we were related
Both brothers from the mother of music we were created
Our sound is of another no wonder we underrated
Intellectual dialect, I was lyrically educated
The illest Puerto Rican speaking with the tongue of a native
Underground original migrated to the mainstream
Survival is vital when you rivals with your same team
Your friends are two-facing because you chasing for the same cream

‘Cause cash rules everything around you
I battle you and the fools around you
I’m not a real threat but a threat that surrounds you
Not a big fella but a fella that’ll pound you
I got ground crew
Ready to clean the mess before they find you
Cause of death, multiple shots of sound views
I’m the shit talker
Just another hit making your career rocky, like Larry Walker

So dope with the flow
You don’t know
Now you know that
We’re number one outdone by none

It’s sad to see Hip-Hop had to be full of disrespect and mockery
Your rivalry ain’t stopping me
Nor is you verbal robbery
Never stop to sleep
I’m making moves while your in slumber
Making such a thunder that it’s making Stevie wonder
Under the influence music got me so intoxicated
Decimated all the hated into what makes me motivated
I fucking made it
All due to the Nine Leaves crew
Fuck the forgiving
Conditions are critical when I.C.U.

Where I come from niggas run from
Small little town where I come from
Asian population where I come from
Surrounding towns make one
Fort Lee’s the rock protecting where I come from
Don’t step into the lion’s den
Leonia’s feeding where I come from
We even got Royals where I come from
Bergen County’s where I come from
Next time you spit about New Jeru’s don’t forget where I come from

So dope with the flow
You don’t know
Now you know that
We’re number one outdone by none

I beg your pardon I’m disregarding your jargon
Regarding my click stats
Stangtakular’s character is fight back
I never sit back
I’m guaranteed to spit back
On murky situations
Show fliers with missing information
On various occasions (what’s that)
Crews be steady placing themselves above us
I sacrifice to be nice
Ya’ll seem to be like fuck us
You made a mistake with shady handshakes
I know you bump us
‘Cause one chick out of every click does their shit but loves us

Yo my passion for blasting
Wielding axes
Peeling back quick
Your tactics will burn in matches
Match this and get burnt to ashes
Forging master
Pieces like black smiths
Watch the facts flip
My actions speak louder
I beat cats to weak powder
Blow away the evidence
Seek to leave doubters
You need scouters to scour the land for fans
And scan the sands
My plan’s to stand
And span the GAN

Danger, Danger
This is a warning to all MC’s
A warning to all crews
Don’t confuse Nine Leaves as your little brother group
Or some kids trying to get into this rap shit
Hold us to your weak standards
Misinterpretate us and underrate us
We got this shit right now
Anything y’all bring to the table
We gonna match that plus some boy boy
It’s the fucking Gardern State greats
Repping Jersey hard
So fuck what y’all think
Study us motherfuckers
Big Stang
One hundred


from Volume One (1999​-​2001), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved