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There comes a time in a man’s life
Where he must look in to the eyes of death and say
Nah chill
Hold that
I will decide the true time of my demise
And you will not
I repeat you will not take me when you see fit
There is no other choice in my fucking life
But to live in freedom
Or follow the death into the night
It is time my people
It is time we take action
Let’s take control

I lost control
Now I’m taking it back
I’m like fifty five rocks against tanks in Iraq
With the small chance I got Jesus watching my back
With hidden gats
I’m fire
You just met your match
Don’t even try to strike me
Not even lightly
Do the right thing nigga
This ain’t Spike Lee
These burners is smoking
Erasers is leaving you open
You’re choking on shells
The barrel left in your throat and
That’s controlling

Take control
Take control
Take control
Take control

Here they come
These fuckers is coming
They swear I’m running or something
Instead of the running
I’m itching on gunning on something
I’m casual
Casually dressed to impress
I’ll press casualty enough
That’ll make you undress
Once the gun’s to your chest
You must know the bullshit stops
Make sure you know the combo if prepared to knock
Four pounds and two slaps
I’ll unlock the locks
Anything else duck down
‘Cause I’m blasting crooked cops
Come on

Take control
Take control
Take control
Take control

Take a look around
They lied to us about Vietnam
They lied to us about ****
They lied to us about democracy
You’re not free
You’re living in a prison without bars
Now what are you gonna do about it?
Fuck their federal reserve
Fuck their secret societies
Fuck their for reasons of national security
Yeah they’re in control
But they are not in control of me
What about you?

How much longer must the lying continue?
How much longer must the violence continue?
How does it feel knowing you’re being controlled?
Knowing you’re being manipulated?
I ask because my people the name of the game is divide and conquer
And we are being divided
How much longer will we remain divided?
Are you ready to do something?

Take control
Take control
Take control
Take control


from Volume One (1999​-​2001), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved