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Phenetix forecast a full blast that fucked up your formats
When in my presence just watch how you all act
I crack metal jaws with metaphors and super similes
Seamstresses seamed science with my circuitry
Verbally seemed to be obscene but scenes in dreams scream through streams of blood steam
You trapped in a writer’s block created from concrete
I’m combinations with complex sensations
About face and face adjacent nations
Pacing in space stations while I stay for days in basements
Laid to rest where my alliance was created
Shout defiance reinstated
Government will never speak the truth they have your brain sedated
Take the law-abiding citizens and free them from enslavement
You can’t decode the Nine Leaves cause we on another wavelength
Cry freedom at the end and then you’ll break the fucking Matrix
Same shit, different pages, different rage expresses
Intellect in depth except your nation is defenseless

I be the opposite of what is expected
Never directed, rhyme infected
Y’all neglected to give credit to the rightfully elected
I span electric injecting currents into wack emcees
Cause a worldly disturbance from blue skies to blackened seas
Pulling stunts like action scenes
Attempting death to flaunt your bravery
Assuming I vanished, I took a different form like modern slavery
Victory over weak individuals is bitter sweet and savory
My skillful delivery just adds insult to your injury
An intro to your ending and our taking of the industry
A lyrical gladiator facing misery or victory
Never have you met an individual that can manipulate your history
I can erase your past
Puppeteer your present time and so on
I’m on a journey to free and capitalize
Motherfuckers better hold on
When the Civil War hits you better decide the side that your on
I’m a be that cat defending Hip-Hop packed with a microphone and Krylon
I’m a shoulder the burden while bitch emcees need a shoulder to cry on

Amazing battle cats
These blazing battle raps
These four cats will forecast
Defeat when in your path
Blazing battle cats
Amazing battle raps
These four cats will forecast
Defeat when in your path

Amazing battle raps
These blazing battle cats
These four cats will forecast
Defeat when in your path
Amazing battle raps
These blazing battle cats
These four cats will forecast
Defeat when in your path

I’m on a journey journalizing
My finding is not surprising
My rhyming is galvanizing
Bringing us to new horizons
Staying above commercializing
Capsizing capitalizing
I’m killing your merchandizing
These demons demoralizing
Hip hop can’t stand aside and let this continue
I bring you this venue
To undo this major miscue
Your misconstrued point of view is off cue
We will direct you and set you
My thoughts reflect through
My broadcast, a newsflash
The phattest forecast
A full blast, an outlash on gassed iconoclast
They’re flabbergast
My telecast is a class cast
Surpass at mass, it’s fast
A gymnast couldn’t flip these stats half as fast
Imagine that
In a mic fight I write nights and rhyme tight
Turn on the dim lights on mental insights
That’s why I win fights
Relax and kick my feet up and lean back like that
I’m through with these mics black
Where my mans at, Isaac?

I got my hat tight to the side
Wondering why
Your bullshit reply
Try to advise
You met your demise
You’re wasting your time
And you’re definitely wasting mine
In about two minutes
I’m gonna commit my first crime
My forecast detects
Windy nights and stormy flows
Blazing hot with the highs
And nipples cold as the lows
I came from the east
And slide to the west coast
My fury must grow
Creep to the top then down to the Astros
A few 360 degrees breeze
Nine Leaves definitely sweeps
Across this whole industry
Waiting patiently for the next cat to step to me
Get me open like pregnancies
You know my steez
I’m the fattest cat on this track
I’m taking my stats
In this lyrical almanac
A pat in the back
But I’m not even having that
There’s more attack for this flank
There’s more path for this shank
‘Cause in this rap game
There’s more class to my rank
You got that?


from Volume One (1999​-​2001), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved