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Elements Of Confusion

from Volume One (1999​-​2001) by Nine Leaves

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In the depths of my tidal currents
My rivals flourish and I will nourish your nervous verses
Take a glimpse into the surface, observe this
Supreme being with a purpose of pure destruction
Conducting geyser eruptions and constructing corruption
Give birth to creatures and to single cell amoebas
Tectonic plates that shift below my weight can break Pangea
Sever the connection between the continents
Dam my flow forever but I reign dominant
Absorbing oxygen rock, a ten on Richter scales
Acid rain brain, storm, deform killer whales
Swirling whirlpools that pull foes into my undertow
Crumbling other folks with positive thunder bolts
Rain for forty days and forty nights when Christ decided to take life
Gravitational pull will just turn puddles to floods
I cursed the earth when I was turned to blood
Aquatic lung
Kill the population with an unrivaled potency
From the highest mountain peaks to twenty thousand leagues below the sea
Deadly origami taking the form of a giant tsunami
Delete more human beings than explosions at Nagasaki try to stop me

I was hired for many occupation
Couldn’t clean my accusation
For specific situations
Without me, fuck fire stations
Racial issues give me church invitations
Without an explanation
I try to keep peace
I give you heat
You’re welcome for your Thanksgiving feast
Why a proper burial?
Toast the deceased
We come in many shapes and sizes
With a few different disguises
Gas tanks, matches, and explosive devices
Kids you should try this
They can’t deny this
‘Cause I love surprises
I’m the bomb in a fucking crisis
You all are gone if you double park the hydrant
Fuck the prom
‘Cause Carrie’s my favorite client
It’s a science
Earth and me my ultimate alliance

Nine Leaves life forms are formless
Taking the form of four elements
Shifting through sediments for your intelligence
Nine Leaves life forms is formless
Taking the form of four elements
Shifting through sediments for your intelligence

Whispers in the darkness
Coldness has you feeling heartless
My breeze is ever flowing
Feel the spirit of an artist
Blackstar shines the night
I’m the source of respiration
The breath of the almighty
I’m the source of all creation
Wise men prophesize never to spit in my direction
Evil clouds the skies
Burning eyes weather the tension
Stand yourself at attention now feel the wrath of my doing
F1 to F5 humans can’t measure my fury
Mother nature shows no mercy
Feel the winds of the unruly
There is no life without me but you rape her of her beauty
Element of confusion my presence felt but never seen
Follow our natural course
Humans fuck it up and intervene
Howling through the night
Spirits of children at the murder scene
Don’t get a twister twisted
Wind dictates the path of lost dreams

When seeds need to planted
Pick the hardest nigga on the planet
Rock molten lava and granite
Humans take for granted
So I swing boulders and smash shit
Destroy towns and villages
Create earthquake shakes on their religious pilgrimages
I’m the illest shit
The first thing your ass will touch
And the last your ass will see before they box your ass up
I had enough of the pollution and landfills by the state
So I shift my worldly plates and create their new fates
Increase the death rates, fuck their wealthy estates
‘Cause not a single soul is safe when my anger inflates
So shut up
Nobody speak ‘cause I’m about to erupt
It’s straight from my inner core, the hottest shit never touched
And the puss I bust will heat, singe, incinerate and abominate
Any matter in its physical state
Without me nothing exists, not even my brother elements
My mother consists of more than seven continents
In my sediments there’s evidence of all my past residents
And all things historic in my past or present tense
The heavens sent me visitors, left me gifts of landmarks
I was there when your god lead y’all out of the dark
At the start in Eden’s garden, who helped the tree grow
I’m the essence of all life and all you ever need to know

Nine Leaves life forms are formless
Taking the form of four elements
Shifting through sediments for your intelligence
Nine Leaves life forms is formless
Taking the form of four elements
Shifting through sediments for your intelligence

I’m rarely detected
Though I’m the essence of all living
The incorrect application of Thanksgiving
A perfect instance disregarding my strong existence
Lifeless idiots challenging with persistence
It was I who gave you weaponry fighting slavery
It was I walking you out of your fear of bravery
With the loss of my presence you lost brain power
With the lack of my being you will get devoured
It’s he who hates those that lack spirit
Don’t forget that I’m the very conductor of any strong lyric
Those who stay with me are stronger
Those who live with me live longer
And reach for here yonder
I keep your heart full when you’re in profound hunger
I leave you awake while the rest are in slumber
When nations keep with me than I strike like thunder
A life spirit wedding can no man put us under


from Volume One (1999​-​2001), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved