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Picture an arm and hammer
Now picture these arms with hammers
Not to pop and blam ya
The ones to cock back and slam ya
My grammar
My language is dangerous
Feel the iron grip
Clenched by the iron fist
Stang is running this shit
This is the Soviet sound
So be it that we are it and holding it down
From right now
Till kingdom come
The kings have come
I feel lethal like Neo
I know I’m the one
The top show gun
Top flows get shun for fun
I rock shows till the shows is done
It’s Stang

Coming in like an avalanche
Destruction’s sort of like a dance
With battle plans
I’m wishing and itching to have the chance
Remain in an iron stance
With an iron lance for a fist
Better drop back quick
Cross the line and assist
‘Cause the hidden hand lands where I spit
Terror sips from my lip
Made of granite
Just examine
The planets communicate through weather and cloud cover
So you know I speak the language of thunder
I’m a menace but a legend when it comes to defending
Split the presence of the heavens
Into remnants unmended when I’m contended

The water
Techniques are treacherous
Engulfed within my blackout of biological excellence
So settle in
Like peasants of peddling pestilence
A pesticide blasting ‘em
Casting insects out like an exodus
Whose next to flip and grip with iron restraints
And I’m frying membranes
And you’re trying, lying, lying dead in your place
I silence kindness for the violence
When they try to refrain
And all the blinded find the mindless
When they try to complain
So my design is of the finest shift
I’m never the same
So when I speak it simple and plain
I go straight for the brain
The iron clad grip
Iron four
I am more war
Deadly iron clap y’all
Back to the back door
Back to the backpacks
Back to attack dogs
With backs to the wall
Draw two iron hatchets to hack and slash y’all

My heart’s catapulting my life
Like pole-vaulting fires
Pounding my chest with live wires
Conditions is unexplainable
I’m breathing grasping the table
And I
With numerous blows to the hands of angels
And I
Beating the horns of devils till I’m stable
And I
Can’t I
Won’t I
Never lay down
Still got eight rounds
I still got something left
Now I
Walk with death
Bullet holes in my chest

I’m gifted with the craft of script and rap
I read the scriptures
And I ripped them into strips of facts
Then spit them into rhythm tracks
Fuck the music business of ignorance
We bringing wisdom back
Examine what you’re rapping
And conclude you’re just a rapping fool
Attacking your manhood
Retracting you back to your damaged youth
Discipline your actions of whackness
Please see me after school
Come follow me
The soldier with soul power
The prophet
The only chosen one
The golden child with flowing style
Behold I am the holy son
We fight until the war is one
Until we see that day has come
I’ll never feel the warmth of sun
Never believe whatever they told
There never could be
They keep us below
Inevitably my people will know
Together we’ll be
Forever we’ll grow
Never leave when they need you
Never look beating or let ‘em see you cry
Never lead your people to evil
And remember to never let ‘em die
Never let ‘em die

Never gonna die it’s inside of me
Never gonna tear this grip out of me


from Volume Two (2002​-​2003), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved