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Let's take it back to the beginning, the feeling is still cold
Once upon a time Brooklyn was my home
My father and my mother and me and my bro
Not a worry in the world, chubby and snot nosed
We were so naive that we did not know
All the troubles in our home and we was flat broke
Crackhead Jamaicans on the top floor
Always jacking our shit just to cop blow
My brother's violin, TV, VCR
Goddamn, I can't forget the Atari 26 hundred
Now we just left with nothing
I'm older and wondering if my father was fronting
After all that I saw, if there was more than meets the eye
And take the time to find what used to make my mother cry
And why she used to scream “I can't take another lie”
Sometimes I felt the lord was just the devil in disguise

See me love
See through these eyes
This is my life
See my survive

If I ever would've known then what I know now
Never would've ever been the memory of poverty
And possibly the memory was merrily and positive
My life was hard to live and even harder as a kid
Watching daddy making music was the favorite thing we did
And little did we know he was taking hits instead of making them
A piano player that played more than a piano
TV was my escape but I saw more than one channel

Have you ever felt there’s no escape
When you’re taken from your soul mate
Dedicated to our dreams but separated at the seams
At the moment it all seems fake
Don’t know what it all means
But then you realize reality hit you with a marital issue
Now you in New Jeruz while he in little Beirut
Selling nickels even yet to getting pimples
Your my blood, my heart is wilted
The guilt will forever be heavy on my soul
Heavy on my heart
My brother they’ll never tear us apart

Can it be that it was all so simple
Can it be that it was all so hopeful
Could our fate be nothing more than hurtful
Can it be that it was all so simple

I’m no longer a child, I’ve seen these years go by
I’ve grieved many times, but yet these tears don't dry
I live my life in seasons and the leaves don't lie
Fall’s an emotion, who said trees don't cry
Every man has his moment and we don't know why
I’m pleading for reasons, screaming please don't die
My attempts at begging have falling on deaf ears
Music made him a legend, but dead at 47 years
I'm a better man because of it all, I’ve opened these eyes and
GCozmic you’re my Rock, you’re my reason for surviving
And being in your presence, happiness is of the essence
Little Cruz the 4th, your mission’s to break this vicious cycle.
Ain't no other mother that’s loving quite like you
What you're hearing is the story of my life in my view
If it wasn’t for my crew no telling what I might do
So much I wanna tell the world, but not enough time to
A disciple for the world, every single word is vital
Live will give it and will take it but never take it for granted
Whether we make it or break it, we gotta stand it and manage
I’m a man of ambition and vision and reaching divine
When I die I’m leaving behind my achievements in rhyme
I’m a leave you with these words that should seep in your mind
My father’s last words are spoken and frozen in time
Honest and plain, simple and truthful
“Remember that you’re beautiful”

See me love
See through these eyes
This is my life
See my survive


from Volume Two (2002​-​2003), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved