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On the interstate highway
On the interstate highway switching lanes
Flashing lights and some pouring rain
Lord, why did you take them away
Situation so strange
How could this happen to me
Insanity took advantage of me

Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me

5 o’clock in the afternoon
Heading home from paying my dues
My feet strain from discomforting shoes
Passing the blocks where I chilled with my crew
Sucking peanut chews
Wolves got nothing to do
Stay on the move
Cut the corner quick
Take off my tie, unbutton my shirt
I pull to the curb, I’m finally home from work
Step out the whip and it’s silent and shit
Head towards the crib
Bloody pathway, I’m running and quick
I find my wife plus my kid just drenched in blood
I fall to my knees
I’m begging God please
Please God don’t do this to me
Run to the room and I’m grabbing my tool
Any fool in the house is feeling the fumes
I’m slipping my shoes
This bloody stain
I hear the rain dripping off the window pane
Now I’m going insane
I’m reaching for my kid’s picture frame
I’m just, just reaching for the picture frame
But my soul’s in flames

Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me

Suddenly the door opens and I’m rolling across the floor
Choking over broken glass
Get in position
Aiming for his ass
Couldn’t see him
My vision blurry
There’s more than one
I pulled the gun
Then one dropped
Then I heard “Stop, it’s the cops”
He ran through the back
I went down the block
Hopped in a Honda Civic hatchback
Popped it in gear
Felt the neck snap the rear
Whipped back, hot flash
I’m back on the interstate highway switching lanes
Flashing lights and some pouring rain
Lord, why did you take them away
I pray
Notice the temperature gauge
Smoking hood, car over-aged
Losing pace, pull to the side
End of my ride
I’m looking outside
The gun to my thighs
I’m looking up high
Now I cry
Tinted glass helps me hide
It’s time
I’m ready to die
I’m ready to fly

No, I can’t go no more
I lost control
I need to stop this right now
I need to stop

I’m not going nowhere
Popped the clip
Kiss the tip
Once through the door
Make it spit
Try to hit everything I can get
Let me sit for a sec
Run my life through inspects
Took a long way, no regrets
The loves of my life
My kid and my wife I lost
The stab of a knife is what it feels like
I’m not the criminal type
So fuck the gun
I’ll step outside and act like I’m holding one
It’s suicide

Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me

I’m here
I’m here baby
I’m finally with you
They can never break us
And I’m a never let you go
I love you


from Volume Two (2002​-​2003), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved