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Look for the polkadots and wear the suit
Everything will be taken care of
Twelve o’clock
Keep it clean
He’ll be there at midnight
Make sure he don’t fuck up
Yeah, it’s real simple

You’re only as good as your last job
Hang up the horn
Button my vest
With the heater laced to my chest
Dressed with the best double breasted Italian wear
I am completely aware
Get the job done
No bloody affair

Paid the valet his pay
Stepped away with a pace of haste
I’m more than a few seconds late
Make my way to the place
Look at the damn line
Fuck standing in line
I cut the damn line
Dap the bouncer like my man
Pound with president Grant
Now I walk in right according to plan
Smooth Latin grooves by the band led by Zan
He’s singing “One Man”
That’s my jam
Sexy girls dance in clans of three in front of me
See the polkadots at the coat spot
I proceed
I leave the black leather
Receive back the Beretta
Now I’m ready for whatever
The plan’s coming together

One man’s love is another man’s pain
One man’s loss is another man’s gain
One child’s tears
And it falls like rain
One man’s blood running through my veins

My roam’s now a skip
The chrome’s on my hip
Try not to trip and look suspicious
Fuck this
Needs me a sip just to stable my nerves
Fuck the bar, I’m a star
Got a table reserved

Yo thanks for the tip
Here’s your drink
I made it extra hard
So sip it slow so you don’t sink
Grabbing all the top shelves
Line your glasses up
‘Cause I’m filling them all up
Just to see more bucks
Awe struck at the polkadots walking to the booth
Waitress get this tray up to that VIP dude

VIP is dead
But still there’s nothing best
I see a short dress
Long legs, exposed chest
In slow steps
With a tray by side
A drink I didn’t buy
Look at the bar
See the guy with the ladybug tie
Looking for signs
Henne raw, napkin right
Let me read the scribbled mess
And check the draw and design

You got thirty seconds so make your mind up
You got two routes, but only one out
It’s time to climb up the stairs
And to get there you’re passing the stage
To the left of the band
Hope that you’re ready for games
Ready to look up at the elevator
Don’t go in it
‘Cause if you do you run the risk that they can lock you up in it
So pass it up
Hang a right on some Splinter Cell missions
Avoid the cameras up three flights
And take your position

Read the statistics
Now I know what the math is
Strike my book of matches
Plus the prints lay in the ashtray
Now it’s ashes
Jump quick from where I sit and sip
Convert my skip to a dash
Bumped by this prick
Still I gotta move quick
Not to be rude in mood
So I wink
I think I can’t spare the time for stairs to climb
The elevator’s a dare but there clear in sight
Up three flights right
Open doors slide
Target in sight
I pull it from the side
Beretta lead flies
He dies
There’s cheddar to find
Déjà vu
Open doors slide
He must of armed the alarm
Rushed by guards that are armed
I fire on and get fired upon
Me rinse out me gun
Them expired and gone
Without haste I grab the suitcase
Closed case
Mi gwon

One man’s love is another man’s pain
One man’s loss is another man’s gain
One child’s tears
And it falls like rain
One man’s blood running through my veins

One man’s love
I kept pace but took the back way
Heat to my chest like strapped grenades
One man’s loss
I move smooth
Lock and load
With shots fired
Enter third stage
One man’s love
Motherfucker made a mess
Caress the trigger and fucking aim
One man’s blood running through my veins
A single shot running through his veins


from Volume Three (2004​-​2005), released August 1, 2022


all rights reserved