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Governmental Pariah

from Nine Leaves by Nine Leaves

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Song Concept: Inspired by the events at Ruby Ridge.


Verse 1:

Let ‘em touch me
Let ‘em seek to try and rush me
Let me crack the hourglass
To end this waiting so they can crush me
My living it tempts the bent of path
Whose wrath would see me burned
But my strokes of luck have struck a cord
With swords of those who’ve learned
And I’ve turned to face the beast
I’ll be silenced to say the least
But I’ll cease to fear the fear that wrecks this puzzle that I’ve pieced
As I embattle this counter siege
My liege self will stealthy die
Cuz with so many guns and only one
There’s no one to fortify
So know that I decry with certainty
Flirting with my insurgency
While cursing this incursion that’s curing despite the hurting
See I’m dangerous
And it’s worth the curse
Cuz if I don’t it’s worse
So motherfuckers better bring the hearse
And understand
My nimble mind aint got time to deal with lies alive inside a fuckin’ prison
Cuz I’m ridden with notions that oceans of life await me
So I’ll take my chances dancing with the death to breathe in safety


Cuz the amaranth sees in amaranthine dreams
And the predator sees what sort of predator screams
And it’s the same old plot
Denying they took the first shot
Must have been that crazy man deserving what he got

Verse 2:

Leaning on door planks with spinning, smoking techs
I’m grinning, focused let’s begin this locus fest
Lord of the flies
Orders to die
Slaughter your lies
Bordered up pride
So despite the vast blood loss
The pain will just ride
And in vain I must cry
To judge freedom I fight forth
To test the right course
And plug up life’s force
With clots of mic cords
So electrifying Phenetix speaks easy
And the freedom of speech flows freely
From each individual, see me
Crunch time decision maker
Spin a web but weave a tale to buy your time
So you can make or break or run for it
Fuck this shit
Stand my ground and make a gun for it
So when I turn to bust
You must realize that you want none of this

Verse 3:

In the depths of my being I free demons
To search for the reason of malfeasance
That be bleeding my breathing
Blood of the lamb tainted
Infected and holding hatred
With single celled pace
I erase my former trace
A former case
Our contact tract will crack backs
And backed I hold fast
But tracked, I won’t last
See seemingly streaming’s the proper means of my seething
And I’m concealing conceiving while I’m conceiving deceiving

Verse 4:

The reaper speaks so fuckin’ furious
Marksmen can snipe for miles
And the sparks can wipe the smiles
Them too smart to light the trials
Your heart’s piped inside of vials
Behind mills between the silo
Cry slow for your survival
Hence the truth will never die though


Verse 5:

Let ‘em try and take me
Let ‘em seek to taunt and taint me
Let ‘em try to talk me down
And shake my spirit so they can break me

Two lines for every side of the story
The sly and the sorry
The violence is gory
Elude the lies that are luring

I don’t walk in secret
And I don’t stalk in seasons
With iniquitous rhythms my system is seizing this treason

Believe in the problem solver
A revolver to clap at you bastards
Actual actions
Find the demons marching, matching your passions

Verse 6:

Demons are feeding
And breeding
My inner self explodes
With weapons of mass destruction
And tensions to sunder the suction
Corruption consumption
Conducting, constructing eruption of these dungeons
I bludgeon all ‘till they fall
See my grave is raised
My contempt’s been gauged
Now this motherfucking rage has found a helpful sage
And these blades are cold
Inflicting cuts untold
And this day is of a shade that’s of a fadeless mold

Verse 7:

I spin around and pound the gavel
I spin around and smooth the gravel
To prepare a bed for the bastards that flew the sparrow
Modern day arrows pierce fort walls that do surround me
Drops of sap from the seeds I’ve sewn flood the ground around me
Surreal, but yet astounding
Truth speaker turned to martyr
Prepare the fledgelings to flock from the nest to teach the rest
Without a vest
They are the starter
Of Desert Eagles hunting
Spray stray shots to aid the chaos
So they don’t come in


from Nine Leaves, released January 31, 2006
(Z. Hemsey, C. McCarthy)

Rhyming: Zack Hemsey, Phenetix
Vocals: Zack Hemsey
Production: Zack Hemsey


all rights reserved



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