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Peace In Death

by Nine Leaves

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Yesterday 04:50
Chorus: Say goodbye to yesterday Say goodbye, with a smile, to yesterday (in tandem) I’m here tomorrow, but I’m gone today Verse 1: I laid in wonder for hours with a certain stare Couldn’t sleep, Henry fuckin’ like we wasn’t there He was pulling hair and I was minding mine The reverend preacher Sunday morning Power 105 One of the reasons I decided I should give shorty just another try Her rejection injected a shot to my left Side by side with a crush from 2005 And it was just a kiss Maybe more than that Like crack, it felt good I kept coming back Maybe not exact But it was something close And now it’s something closed No regrets Plus she opened up the eyes of certain live who never gave a fuck What am I to do What I got to lose I ask as I sit with half of my Nine Leaves crew A year and a goddaughter later Yo, I’m out to prove Chorus Verse 2: Before my final farewell’s a bid Let’s take one last spin in last year’s whip Just to get excited for next year’s ride For a sec I reflect on all of my lows and highs Like Hov and Nas I made amends with some friends And some friends have come to an end So when I stopped at bus stops some couldn’t get in Hey it is what it is and we couldn’t pretend I have three beautiful mothers Two beautiful kids And one beautiful crib where I live Man God’s been good to me Birthday, a beach and the breeze Every Oleg day was a sight to be seen A lot of goals weren’t achieved I won’t grieve ‘cuz every day I’ve been blessed to breathe As for me and the Leaves Last year dropped our own CD Blood I wish you were here to see Dad, I miss you And you know how your sons love you I’m seeing myself in the places where I once saw you So I struggle at times not to be ourselves I see your signs from heaven when we need help So I bail for that new wheel shine and chromed out My resolve for new prob’s and plans to drive out At the square they’re counting down but don’t count me out Because that’s what life’s about Chorus Verse 3: December 22 is the day I tell ‘em About an angel by the name of Helen And how her life served as my perfect guide Much like her sweet kind soul inside Seems to lift up my awareness high To a point not far behind 365 rewind A new chapter begins Laughter’s not wearing thin And on and on the weeks go by Stress on the rise Collapse now well disguised Meanwhile three days out the week Blood is cleaned and leaves her very drained and week And when you work 14 hour days Or right through the night till the next morning says “hey” And on through the next workday Life begins to feel like it’s across the way But when a memory fills you with hope and smile Then it’s from a good life And despite the trials and tribulations These were days when Her soft heart would change men No imitation I’ve been blessed by your patience Touched by your strength when you became faced with A fate no one would soon take But if given the chance Would damn sure have booked, straight left it vacant Now, your time on this plane was sacred And the last years of your stay a gift If I could just say I wish you well I wish you well
Last Words 02:10
Apt A9 05:41
Opening: Man (to himself): Tell her Girl: Never seen you here before Man (to himself): Don’t let her walk away Man: Hey Man (to himself): Never let her go Girl: Looks like you’ve had a rough day Man (to himself): Tell her Girl: That bad, huh? Girl: It’s never that bad Man: Have a good night Man (to himself): Never let her go, don’t let her get away Verse 1: The wonder of love lies in the lies that believe in it Beneath this bleeding heart believes the life of love and living it The bravery it takes to love is way above my limit I’ve coveted courage, but can’t say that I’ve committed it It makes me a pussy but I guess that I’ve admitted it The wickedness ain’t living man I’m fittin’ to be rid of it Just to tell you the beauty you behold is ever more A woman of legend every man has ever adored Yet here I stand trying to justify the reasons why My fear stands between the life the Lord designed for you and I But who am I? Just a brother petrified I keep wasting your time You keep passing me by My dear my dear my dear You do not know me but I know you very well I listen to your laughs I’ve even heard you cry This is my last chance at making my first try Never asked for the last dance Or had a chance to say goodbye Goodbye Chorus: You’re the love I never met I miss your touch Never have we kissed But I miss those lips so much You held me down But I never embraced your clutch A love I’ve never known And it hurts so much Verse 2: I never made it to hello I stepped away I’m so afraid I’m persuaded to evade it I’m complicated by the way you make me feel I couldn’t tell if I truly love it or hate it I meditated, calculated what my fate is I’m sick and tired I’ve decided I’m sick of waiting For tides to turn while I’m wading in troubled waters Of rivers and oceans of emotions that run deep Man (to himself): I’ve got to find you Awoken from my sleep by the somber tone of hearing you weep I wish I was there Near to me to keep your tears from ever reaching the floor The wonder is not enough so I’m reaching for more What could I ever tell you when I get to your door? That we never met but there’s so much to explore? Lately days are likely to be darker than days before I’ve tried giving up but you’re the one I’m living for Man (to himself): I can’t take it Chorus: You’re the love I never met I miss your touch Never have we kissed But I miss those lips so much You held me down But I never embraced your clutch A love I’ve never known And it hurts so much Dream: Man: Come here Girl: Hey baby Man: Say hi for the camera Girl: Hi Man: What you wearing? Man: What’s wrong? Look into the camera Girl: Nothing, you just have a camera on Man: Stop. Come here Girl: No really. No, no, no. Man: What you shy? You speechless? Tell me you love me. Girl: I love you Verse 3: All dreams of nightmares when life bares The beauty you desire’s just another bright glare It all felt so real How could I let you disappear Man (to himself): Where did you go? All the while divided by fear You’re but a flight of stairs Separated from love so I’m making my way up Man (to himself): True love Thinking of making love Memories to make up But I discovered you naked face up Wrists bleeding, paramedics pleading for you to wake up If this was a dream I could blink away the pain Blink away the thought of you Your beauty would remain I lost a love I’ve never known To think I never knew your name An officer came by as tears fall from my eyes He asked me who am I I’m just here to say goodbye Goodbye Chorus: You’re the love I never met But I miss your touch Never have we kissed But I miss those lips so much You held me down But I never embraced your clutch I lost a love I’ve never known And it hurts so much
Chorus: Bang loud Head into the crowd Better get ready when you hear the sound Talk weak Settle in the street No amount of pain’s gonna stop this streak Deep breath Ready for your best Bring the world on ‘till there’s no one left Dead wrong Present and strong “Never back down” is gonna mark this song Verse 1: Damned as a man who was plagued by his heart Strong from my pain I was damned to fall apart Doubted at the start Bring no fear of claws Or come to know effects of a fearful pause Mr. Concrete Jaw Put his face to the floor Now he doesn’t want it with a beast this raw Heavy hammers drawn into place Clouds in a state where an angel awaits to embrace Bulletproof smile, I got something for you I got pain that’ll reign when it’s cuttin’ through you I got rage in my soul And it’s dying for you to not have a clue Confused as I’m tearing through you So on the shore never test the water Lest he is ready and wet with slaughter Blood on my skull and a soul in transit Now you know we isn’t living in Kansas Chorus Verse 2: Never undermine or deny my presence of mind To architect death and design and end the sentence in rhyme Critics are quoted confessing that I’m ahead of my time My intellect is defined by intervention divine It’s all good until you’re staring at the end of a 9 Leaves will finish your clique And quick witted punch lines You’re getting your wig splitted for spitting them dumb lies Niggas feeding off the bullshit like a bunch of dung flies Big faces on the bills, I’ve done away with the ones Bill Gates is cutting checks and allocating my funds Notice the mental fabric The flow pattern is diplomatic Your rapping is tragic That’s why you lacking demographic It’s time to deliver The devil’s redeeming your soul You had your moment of fame But it’s over now, the debt is owed The glitter and gold is rusting away in the rain Real music’s here to remain Nine Leaves redeeming the game Chorus
Drift 02:52
Opening: (thoughts running through his mind) Meeting at 12 noon Fastest way there Prepare for failure Keep it clean Do they speak in English Concentrate Every move has a reason No innocent lives, no children Expect the unexpected Notice the ordinary If it seems to easy it probably isn’t How many rounds Aim then fire Live by the gun die by the gun Safe then come home Good afternoon I’m speaking for Verse 1: It took four knocks I was up by the third Till I heard “room service” so I lowered the piece But oddly enough I re-raised the heat Maybe “don’t disturb please” is not enough to see Or maybe just the fact that I didn’t order shit But someone ordered something and it’s gotta be my hit My little loaded clip sits gently in its hole Barrel darker than cold Explode A single shot through the peephole I’m still as time seems to slow 6…4…5 on the clock My glock’s by my side Never used and fully loaded I rise from sleep, bounced, then left the sheets folded I’m scolded by dry heat Streets crawling with vendors of fresh meat Fresh fish Sort of like the Chinese in Chinatown But the scene is Morocco solid ground My job’s to intercept a meeting going down Terminate and pose as my target’s speaker Cross the straights of Gibralter till I reach the ports of Spain Costa del Sol to be exact Make the exchange high noon and then I’m coming back The plan went accordingly until I took my seat Tensions heated when he realized it wasn’t he He I said couldn’t make it so he sent me He spoke Portugese Verse 2: Okay so I found a way to close the deal Chops from Iron Bound The bricks world renown Eddie Rue my crew spoke the slangs of Portugal I grew and listened to these dudes, I learned And played it pretty smooth I checked in the room Several hours to kill Never was the type to chill Instead I’ll lamp and catch a breath I won’t sleep ‘cuz sleep is the cousin of death I heard four knocks The same knocks from before in my dream I pulled the glock Kissed the tip and let it scream Huh, this cat didn’t scream He responded by grinding a fistful of bullet shells Smiling but finding he couldn’t hit heat in Hell He fell with a shot through his coat On his knees burnt a note Said a prayer, then slit his throat (Thoughts): This guy just killed himself How does someone just kill themselves? What does it mean? Somebody wants me dead He’s not Portugese Who sent this guy? There’s gotta be others I should leave now Was I followed? I’m being watched This was a setup I gotta get out of here right now Verse 3: It takes a life to take mine So I’m taking them Mine’s for hire and I’m still on the clock I’m still on the top My place won’t be vacant ‘till I entertain Satan And I die by the shot Phone Call: Boss: Be there at midnight. Make sure he don’t fuck up. Man: Yeah. It’s real simple.
Penance 03:51
Verse 1: Pound pound was the loud sound Down with the gavel’s end Silencing the crowd’s loud chattering Within the court galley And gathered in to hear the judge hading him a given sentence For sins with no forgiving penance Tick tock went the clock from the juror’s box As they sit and watch and listen For a form of hidden admittance On facts forcing acquittance I forward the bench Sit in the stand The bailiff gets there and stands I swear and lift up my hand The victim’s fam is sittin’ position up front What they wish me wicked I want No fear can fit me or flaunt These feelings fixed in my heart They’re here to hear out my part As I get near to the start of my confession Chorus: God forgive me for I have sinned It’s been six months since my last confession There is nowhere that I can run to My soul I place in your hands Verse 2: With great anticipation they’re waiting Tensions electrifying Caught the court recorder perspiring Ready to start typing It happened fast like lightning Describing the gun firing Not realizing I’m live and vibrant As my vibe changed tears from the eyes of the wife drained But my veins were pumping Adrenaline was rushing or something I rambled off from the subject of how my love for his blood gushing Was quickly interrupted by the judge with his judgement That would halt my talk with abruptness He said he need no jury to discuss it He called it justice He was disgusted by the murder and just handed down a verdict He would have me speak no further In his presence he gave me the death sentence The sentence it fed their vengeance But my mind was set in on the chair that wasn’t set in by the one I had expected As a tear hits my cheek But not because I’m facing death I guess it’s because of the reason that I accept it Chorus Verse 3: I can’t seem to forgive myself How can I forgive myself God I ask you for forgiveness For what I have done Chorus
Sunlight 03:53
08 Sunlight Verse 1: How much money does it take to erase your path? Memories hazed of a distant past And dreams of the days when I used to laugh With thoughts of the day I would love at last Life is fast and I don’t even know the half But every person has moments in which they crash Every person has circumstances of moral clash And every person is certain to die in just a flash So how much money will it take to change All of my emotional deficits to gains? And how much spending must I then arrange So all of my ridiculous thoughts become sane? Cuz I’m used to living low these days Laugh at bad jokes so my rent gets paid Master conversation while my thoughts they stray Envision such a time where I could walk away And I have a feeling I can run today Have a feeling I could touch the sky today Influence events so they go my way And I pass a nice scene and decide to stay What’s the purpose if I’m not okay? Why continue a circus for clowns? I say I should be proud Go against the crowd This is in the sound If you’re gonna make a choice then the time to make it’s now Chorus: Sunrise I rise The day it seems so long when your beginning (but it’s not ending) Sunrise Sunfall But before it sets I know I’ll shine It’s never to late to walk in the sunlight Verse 2: Let your mind skip the time that’s presently ticking And picture the future as if you were gifted And see where you’re going right from where you are Take a glance at your past and see how far You fell from grace or are you right on pace Are you right to race because your life’s at stake Cuz so many burned their turn concerned with the earnings But if you’re firm with your terms you can determine The forming of your success and wealth Stop working and work some shit yourself Be certain to serve yourself the help You’ll gain interest when interested in self Flash back to the beginning where you’re living The choices have been chosen with the risk worth risking You’ve been given the big picture with the colors to fill in All that’s left is the details that you shall fit in Chorus
Lifespan 02:56
Verse 1: Been here before that 1940 something bad piloting Before those mad rioting black powder violence I enlist scientists to travel me to Terra Hold a meeting with the captives that’ll tell ya Just how long this cammo kept me hidden in this form of mine Before your bloodline Before before this storm of mine Behold I scroll a storyline depicting vivid images Sinner sight, beginner’s might Your mastery is wickedness Free me from the grips of gravity Graphically, dastardly, bastards be blastin’ me Asking me to pass the beat faster please But I came to free these things and level your creations Bring the science of defiance from the peaks down to the basins Bring the treble claps and bass hits so your nations head to basements My word is the artillery to devastate enslavement You’re nothing less than racist, hated, baited for the exodus Your warnings here so exiting’s no option You are heading in Verse 2: No chance for second glances No dance with second chances This is where the questions meet the answers The time has come again to board the ships The seals are broken Ascension has begun The tongues of them have briefly spoken Instructions have been ordered It’s manslaughter Prepare for the coming of something man ordered I’m there for the hellfire and brimstone Been scorned and been stoned Still speak wind tones I’m there at the head of the horn blow Heading the charge Head in the clouds Feet in the north cold Verse 3: Fire in the sky end our world today Before we further grow and take your world away And let our last breath deliver the peace way Let this last death now limit the freak stray And to those who are left Let you not forget nor fear one another Let you not regret the pain of your brothers Cuz only necessary is it fatal when Murder is the food of the race of men Necessary is it fatal when murder is the food of the race of men Time to meet the real pain makers Brace yourself now for the coming blood takers Earthquakers Say hello and behold the approaching cold, broken bone, choking man breaker No surprise in the state that awaits you Far past the fires of rogue nations Far gone from anything dear sacred Well beyond H or A bombs or napalm of places Comprehension races Try to find a basis for the stasis that your faced with Let me serve you with a purpose Current ways are worthless But no ending’s ever certain So have a look in your eyes See the life and times of a self that is soon to never shine
Losing Touch 04:19
Reach 04:13
Verse 1: I guess the reason I’m taking I guess the reason I’m taking by aiming for pleasuring people I’m giving you high And the higher I am is never less than level but never beneath you I should swallow my pride But my pride keeps me reaching like a shorty’s see through It’s as strong as a bar stool that keeps you My name is Isaac It’s a pleasure to meet you I’ll give my hand but you’ll bite the shit that feeds you I’ll give my life so every sin can leave you You’re looking for lessons in life Let me teach you You need to stop talking and acting like you’re walking or something Instead of fronting Instead of fronting the answer is change Your ways, your views Your life in exchange I’ve tried, I’ve reached my body is drained My cause is left, but you’re left with the blame Chorus: Reach for me Verse 2: Uh oh Here we go Another captain save a ho Trying to catch the baby do before she goes foul From the big bear with crazy flow Hungry cats that crave her So are that wolf pack that plays the low but always on the prowl See she was just a child with improper guidance And every guy that eyed sis replied with improper wise cracks But deep inside she liked that It help her self esteem But the truth is that she beemed Sold a fool for endless dreams So I chose to intervene And show this teen the light What this teen seen she liked A cinema scene for her life The picked fence she seen was white With the house and the kid But under that blouse was a kid I just souched with adage Told her fly south and she did The split hit her hard I was convinced I did my part with good intent from the start I thought I taught sweetheart street smarts But it was I left in the dark Cuz months later from her depart Found her swimming with the sharks Chorus:
Reach for me Verse 3: Helping her she wouldn’t help herself I’ve been looking forever and now my head just swells Couldn’t find her but her friends they tell At the spot where the taste and smell lace my face In chasing hell, all’s well Some things should never sell No price Say goodbye to those lullaby nights Full of “tried / mights” I resort to force Bust the door and take her away of course Intimate bedding with intricate settings Their sex exchange I thwart Tell her how I feel Let her know that what’s inside is real My heart collapsed as soon as she said no deal Her client’s mouth caused his head to reel when I struck his throat It was sealed Off she went but this time it meant No search and rescues left She’s gone I feel such confusion I’m losing strength Sometimes you gotta move where no music’s soothing Across a path that’s ruthless Rubik’s cube my blueprint Why do I love a nuisance? Tell me how I am supposed to do this Chorus:
Reach for me
Bad Dreams 03:54
Verse 1: Wake up in the morning to my everyday beginnings Know the plays for each inning So I move with no feelings But today starts with endings No movement no feelings As my tear hits the linen From this feature fear envisioned I reach and feel the chillness of her cold skin My own kin Sewn from my oats so these notes I won’t hold in Screams, cant’s and cries No she can’t be revived Feelings can’t be described for a pain of such size She lay with closed eyes in this crib that I made From the cradle to the grave Now more than just a phrase I can’t be okay I can’t call for help Cuz these cards she’s been dealt I with upon myself Cup my eyes with both hands So no tears will be wasted I’ll contain the pain Sustained as I taste it Wake Up Chorus: I wish I could wake up and still be a teen And realize all I’ve seen was just a bad dream When you’re sewn in the seams Things all seem serene Hear the seer sing It’s just a bad dream Verse 2: They say that nightmares are made of these painful scenes It’s hard to breathe I’ll make you see With ease he made the team For cheese you can’t believe His family relieved Debts paid, gets received Gets played and achieves great accolades Began to act a way that attracted hate Then one day after a game Teammate spat in his face Disgraced he attacked him with rage They clashed and crashed to his fate A fracture’s embrace as he awakes to a hospital bed With all uses lost in his legs And what is locked in his head Besides his locks and his dreads Is the life he once led With each breath he wished he was dead Lift your hands to cover your eyes To cover the cries Cuz the sucker inside, pride, makes you suffer inside Wake Up Chorus Verse 3: Realize the time you wasted Because we’re all aging And your favorite agents have gave you complications To your mind, body, and soul Deny, hardly you’re old Still you gotta pay the toll beyond the crossroads But before you cross over look at the life you darted over Think that you can start it over? You must not be sober Don’t be somber, just wander as your slumbering along Cuz you may never wake up to this song Wake Up
Verse 1: New beginnings of a set stage Now enter new dominion And accept the gift of misery that joins unique opinion And never mind about the beauty during dawn Or the pretty little house that sits upon your pretty lawn Cuz I’m hearing gods speak And though they don’t seem that divine They divine a war of terror and that terrorists will die Yet for a change let us not forget that Movements have a purpose for insurgents who’ve discerned an act as urgent And I’m not afraid of churches or excepted civil servants I’ll call a spade a spade and let the reaper live in earnest So let the preacher preach his sermon And the servants serve the serpent But it’s worthless when you’re living on the surface And when it ends watch the fingers start to point At anything and everything except their self-righteous causes When this cloud moves in it’s sure to cover the forest Sure to block the sun and any hope of moving forward Verse 2: About as close as an end of days Cuz terrorists have vowed to put us into graves Now murder has a hold of our precious ways And if killing is the key to prevent this phase Well allow me then to say Let us bring peace with a rock and stone And shots that’ll fall with a vengeance all their own And let no other father find his children on the floor Let us bring war before it creeps upon our door Soldiers on the draw Let ‘em feel us raw And let ‘em hear us roar before we break apart their jaws And let this reach the walls of any nation with the gall Who thinks that they can fuck with us without us breaking laws We’ve been wronged and it’s wrong But we’re strong enough to spite And in spite of any deed that makes you question if we’re right This a fight, so let’s fight Move beyond our victim’s sight Rest assured I’m a never stop until they take my life Verse 3: Television eyes on a terror ridden sky And it seems no one survived And now it leaves ‘em terrified And believe me when I tell you that the seeds have not demised The deeds and all the lies and all the greed are still alive There’s several different means to build a bomb with human life From which there’s several different ways for holy wars to then ignite If you’ve seen a pound of flesh effaced in fireballs of light Then you’ll understand the depth to which this children race will strike And no amount of devastation will suffice No degree of human loss will make ‘em then rethink their price So if there’s seven deadly sins among our many severed kin Maybe now’s the time to write just how our ending will begin As the sky caves in maybe we can set a trend And treat the plague that kills within in hopes it never wakes again And heaven is the place I’m heading should this end in my beheading Join the ranks of noble men who speak beyond their day of dead Reach upon a truth that moves a people to their best This day will then attest Hope will spread into their chest Tell me are you brazen now? Do you pray for the day when you’re standing proud? Be your savior now
Verse 1: One wake up call’s a call for all To get prepped and dressed to trek to Jacob’s hall During light snowfall in full they march One foot apart in squads from the quads In a rhythmically stepping progression With each step stepping the previous step Left, left right left Go the orphan kids in this orphanage When fate serves a cold plate you end up here Where? When questioned a child will tell “We’re treated well Each day a family interviews at least twelve” With the returning few from the pack removed These kids anticipate and wait for the men in black suits Hoping to be chosen But not really knowing where none of them are going Verse 2: The black suits have selected the selected Then they exit out the exit as they venture towards the entrance To a sector that is sectioned into sections of desks On which are kits and homeless men that they never met With no explanations mentioned The prompter says his sentence “Remember Execute Forget” All smiles were unfixed As they forward the desks with the kits Hear the click, clack, click Assemble the weapon to M16 Lock, load, trig, grip One shot, one hit Some are shot, some live Then all hear “Forget” The suits remove six then kill the remaining men Then the successful ten will be tested again Verse 3: The successful ten progressed again But their success will depend on how they conquest the end “Remember Execute Forget” again They drift and then they slip right in They get two picks, a map to get, and ten clicks And each give in tools they should use A bomb with time fuse Eight click, nine click, ten click Move They shoot into this maze that they navigate with grace All pitfalls, trips and traps, and prey they evade Then they come to a lake before the place they should be They see lumber and debris that lay upon this beach Without one word heard they concur and agree Before the bomb destructs and blasts They must construct a raft with the tools and trash they have To complete the task One is built with master craft to sail and ride to the other side And there they’ll divide like the plan was devised The first five will go inside Planting the C4 on the third and ninth floor In enters two more One to explore and keep safe the briefcase While the other seeks the face to help escape One remains at the lake’s bank for swift escape Two lay hidden for killing any that lead chase They head back across the lake Successful mission was a hit Recognition as a gift Successful ten had made it in But then they all hear “Forget”
Falling Down 03:27
Verse 1: Punch in, punch out Six days a weak Pull 16’s a day but that aint with a beat But I still walk the beat And I still sweep the streets But still shit aint sweet I still grit my teeth Bear and try it Dare to care and flare up riots Bear the violence The backlash from this tyrant Might suffice, fuck it I might just slice Twice as nice when my mic device makes a sacrifice But I keep my murdering on paper Babies need Daddy to keep working to steady keep the cake up Keep the baker making dough I hate this whole rigmarole This whole rolling life is getting old But I can’t stand to fold Hands cracked from cold exposure to the pain Pride keeps me bold Do what you’re told But your patience wasting thin This is what can happen when the Devil makes you grin Chorus: I am not the same I am not the same Wish I could have changed Only myself to blame I am not the same I am not the same Heaven’s off the ground But now I’m falling down Falling down Verse 2: Karma is the medicine times ten Revenge on my mind Ascend on the scene with plans for a crime Some bound to find my notes on this But it’s all in my mind My hopes and shit So for now, on that grind I keep moving on and on that grind I keep pushing on and often I find That there’s a dead end or no end at all No cliff to fall off Just a long road to haul Backpacking, track I’m pulling this weight My back cracks I’m all fed up from this plate And I can’t take no more of this hate I gotta keep pace No break time to waste Chorus Verse 3: How did it come to all of this When all of this means more than all of this And there is so much more to this My morbidness will order it So sick I am to call it this But here it is, so corner in Call the coroner There’ll be some sort of slaughtering And there’s a thin line bordering my genius and insane And the genius side keeps losing cuz my thoughts seem so deranged And I’m tired and I’m strained And I’m fed up from all this mess It’s this mess that I am in that is causing so much distress So fuck the rest The check is what I’m after After it’s all said and done my path has left disasters I put my feet up on my desk and laugh at all you bastards I’ve done my daily dirt so all of ya’ll can keep the answers I’m finished with your ignorance, stupidity I’m done I’m punching out right now So kiss my ass, I’m on the run I’ve done this run before and more or less it’s worn me down I’m falling down Falling down Falling down Chorus


The second release from the collective Nine Leaves, “Peace In Death” brings back the art of album making. With no restrictions and no formulas followed, the work takes you on a ride through a host of emotions, sometimes epic, other times aggressive; but always engaging and rich in texture. At times, it is storytelling at it’s best, and at points provocative, but it’s consistently purposeful and never irresponsible.

A musical melting pot of sorts, orchestral score weaves in and out between breathtaking landscapes and modern beats, while the lyrics faithfully provide a natural compliment and enhance the story being told by the music. You won’t find any meaningless song concepts here, for every track is calculated, carving its own identity. The status quo is out the window, and in it’s place...ingenuity. When it’s heartfelt, it’s sincere, and when it’s angry, it’s rageful.

The concept behind the album stems from it’s three instrumentals, which segment the album. “It’s not necessarily a literal death that we’re referring to, although it certainly can be” says Zack Hemsey, the composer behind the project. “It’s more of a change of circumstances; be it a way of life, the ways of a nation, or ultimately one’s demise. It’s coming face to face with something outside of your control, and not being afraid to look it in the face.”

The title track, which closes the album, is a back and forth between beautiful melody and edgy production. We can hear the sounds of thunder and rain, further enhancing the intrigue. “The contrasting sections and shifting moods really invoke this duality... as if the world is being flooded, and everything in it is suffocating. Yet somehow this terror is matched with a sort of hope...an inkling that maybe there’s more to what meets the eye.”

One thing is for certain: this album delivers in the full sense of the word. It’s a craft of art in a time where works of such caliber have been sorely missing from the world’s main-stage.


released August 19, 2008

Music composed, recorded, and mixed by Zack Hemsey

Album mastered by Lou Hemsey @ Lou Hemsey Music and Film

Creative Direction: Zack Hemsey & Isaac Pineda

Album artwork by M. Scott Whitson

Cover Model: Cori O'Brien


all rights reserved



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