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Nine Leaves

by Nine Leaves

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The Origin 01:19
Listen This is how the Nine Leaves started How five inspiring artists shined through from the darkness It was Mamma Luce’s apartment like back in the days Back when Chad was engaged Aronic had braids Zack was in the 10th grade Before Isaac had changed And me, fresh in my ways, rocked the fresh fade with waves Then one day came the name and what the 9 represented The four elements of hip-hop and the body’s five senses That’s stupendous The effect on us alone was tremendous Only thing left to perfect it was the bestest way to end it And so it came to be we be the leaves forever As MC’s one for all Grow and fall together It’s all too clever To come across clear however Let me take you through the years that got us here together First, Abe met Zack with the evident fusion Then we made the track “Elements of Confusion” The sixth man split man We had to lose him But he came back Matter of fact, we’re new improved friends Adrenaline, better know as Blue or Jen We let her in, it was cool She couldn’t choose her men See Ike moved her in, then Abe moved her out We break ties then “Snake Eyes” came about No doubt Our route to riches hasn’t been without glitches We found the perfect prescription to persever past the sickness These poetic pictures We paint with musical notes and lyrical quotes So you know from the very instant you hear it it’s dope I hope you can use it Become fiends and abuse it It’s my pleasure to introduce this It’s Nine Leaves music
Iron Grip 04:27
Verse 1: Picture an arm and hammer Now picture these arms with hammers Not to pop and blam ya The ones to cock back and slam ya My grammar, My language is dangerous Feel the iron grip Clenched by the iron fist Stang is runnin’ this shit Yeah, This is the Soviet sound So be it that we are it and holding it down From right now Till kingdom come The kings have come I feel lethal like Neo I know I’m the one The top show gun Top flows get shun for fun I rock shows till the shows is done It’s Stang One Verse 2: Comin’ in like an avalanche Destruction’s sort of like a dance With battle plans I’m wishin’ and itchin’ to have the chance Remain in an iron stance With an iron lance for a fist Better drop back quick Cross the line and assist Cus’ the hidden hand lands where I spit Terror sips from my lip Made of granite, just examine The planets communicate through weather and cloud cover So you know I speak the language of thunder I’m a menace but a legend when it comes to defendin’ Split the presence of the heavens Into remnants unmended when I’m contended Verse 3: The water Torture Techniques are treacherous Engulfed within my blackout of biological excellence So settle in Like peasants of peddling pestilence A pesticide blastin’ ‘em Castin’ insects out like an exodus Whose next to flip and grip with iron restraints And I’m fryin’ membranes And you’re tryin’ lyin’ lying dead in your place I silence kindness for the violence When they try to refrain And all the blinded find the mindless When they try to complain So my design is of the finest shift I’m never the same So when I speak it simple and plain I go straight for the brain The iron clad grip Iron four I am more war Ready? War Ready? Raw Deadly iron clap y’all Back to the back door Back to the backpacks Back to attack dogs With backs to the wall Draw two iron hatchets to hack and slash y’all Verse 4: My heart’s catapultin’ my life Like pole-volting fires Shock Clear Pounding my chest with live wires Shock Clear Conditions is unexplainable Shock Clear I’m breathin’ grasping the table And I – Can’t – Stop With numerous blows to the hands of angels And I – Won’t – Quit Beatin’ the horns of devils till I’m stable Ånd I – Can’t I – Won’t I Never lay down Still got eight rounds I still got something left Now I Walk with death Flatline Bullet holes in my chest Verse 5: I’m gifted with the craft of script and rap I read the scriptures And I ripped ‘em into strips of facts Then spit them into rhythm tracks Fuck the music business of ignorance We bringin’ wisdom back Examine what you’re rappin’ And conclude you’re just a rappin’ fool Attackin’ your manhood Retractin’ you back to your damaged youth Discipline your actions of whackness Please see me after school Come follow me The soldier with soul power The prophet The only chosen one The golden child with flowing style Behold I am the holy son We fight until the war is one Until we see that day has come I’ll never feel the warmth of sun Never believe whatever they told There never could be They keep us below Inevitably my people will know Together we’ll be Forever we’ll grow Never leave when they need you Never look beatin’ or let ‘em see you cry Never lead your people to evil And remember to never let ‘em die Never let ‘em die
The Nameless 04:03
Verse 1: Now what the hell are we fighting for Verbal wars are caused cuz the hard go soft Lines get crossed then get pissed off Pistols get drawn and lives are lost What a very large cost for a smaller than small force Cuz the garbage y'all applaud is as false as those mob laws And that fictional mob boss in that flick that you knocked off Impress stang-tak Get a backpack and cap and clap gats in Iraq Chorus: Tongues get chopped but the words don’t stop Stars may drop but the world don’t stop Thinking you’re on top and famous But your legacy in hip-hop is nameless Tongues get chopped but the words don’t stop Stars are falling but the world don’t stop Thinking you’re on top and famous But your legacy in hip-hop is nameless Verse 2: What do you deem meaningful The things and thoughts that equal you You say if false but sing it true Holding a role in people's view Low and behold what's deep in you Beats at you, it eats at you You see the creep start seeping through You need someone to speak to you Verse 3: Lord I’ve grown fatigued and weak From the strain of my passive ways The pain and my rage boils my blood
And makes it hard to pass the days Regrettably I may have to say My back can’t stand the massive weight Of all the baggage and burdens of the battered and over worked Who shed their blood and worth into the dirt of mother earth The thug in me wants to roar Let the hard core of this soul burst I’m letting the instrumental know that spittin’ this rhyme hurts So fuck what you heard It’s the rebel nigga from Jerz Let me repeat the words Better never sleep in the berbs We earning respect in the game that has none to give It’s do or die in this life of rhyme I fight to death for my one to live Chorus Verse 4: Ignorance stings So know that I breed the warriors that live to slay kings Money sings in the land So I’ll shake the corporate hand to be able to bury it beneath the sand Understand Sold your soul to Sam Your blood I have to spill The slaughter of a fake is in demand Past the point of thrill You’re the king of your hill But from the valley’s where the shadow of death comes to kill Dead soldiers on this morning are put into coffins Others mourning the murder of innocent families You talkin’ like you got the weight of the world Let me speak to you man to girl Chorus
Flyers 03:58
Verse 1: It was more than just the r-e-s-p-e-c-t You see we do shit differently That’s the way it’s supposed to be Y’all beat machines and we compose these treats Y’all bring the heat to streets while we burn cds Wolves in the corners with smiles smokin’ trees Life gets better once you inhale these leaves Wait for a sec, don’t hold that last breath It’s the Infiness reppin’ for the lower deck Verse 2: The blood of love and hatred was the way we were related Both brothers from the mother of music we were created Our sound is of another no wonder we underrated Intellectual dialect, I was lyrically educated The illest Puerta Rican speakin’ with the tongue of a native Underground original migrated to the mainstream Survival is vital when you rivals with your same team Your friends are two-facin’ because you chasing for the same cream Verse 3: Cuz cash rulse everything around you I battle you and the fools around you I’m not a real threat but a threat that surrounds you Not a big fella but a fella that’ll pound you I got ground crew Ready to clean the mess before they find you Cause of death, multiple shots of sound views I’m the shit talker Just another hit making your career rocky, like Larry Walker Chorus Aronic: So dope with the flow you don’t know, now you know that Stang: We’re number one outdone by none Aronic: So dope with the flow you don’t know, now you know that Stang: We’re number one outdone by none Aronic: So dope with the flow you don’t know, now you know that Stang: We’re number one outdone by none Aronic: So dope with the flow you don’t know, now you know that Stang: We’re number one Verse 4: It’s sad to see hip-hop had to be full of disrespect and mockery Your rivalry ain’t stoppin me nor is you verbal robbery Never stop to sleep, I’m making moves while your in slumber Making such a thunder that it’s making Stevie wonder Under the influence music got me so intoxicated Decimated all the hated into what makes me motivated I fuckin’ made it All due to the Nine Leaves crew Fuck the forgiving, conditions are critical when I.C.U. Verse 5: Where I come from niggas run from Small little town where I come from Asian population where I come from Surrounding towns make one Fort Lee’s the rock protecting where I come from Don’t step into the lion’s den Leonia’s feeding where I come from We even got Royals where I come from Bergen County’s where I come from Next time you spit about New Jeru’s don’t forget where I come from Chorus Verse 6: I beg your pardon I’m disregardin’ your jargon Regardin’ my click stats Stangtacular character is fight back I never sit back I’m guarenteed to spit back On murky situations, show fliers with missing information On various occasions (what’s that) Crews be steady placin’ themselves above us I sacrifice to be nice, ya seem to be like fuck us You made a mistake with shady handshakes I know you bump us Cuz one chick out of every click does their shit but loves us Verse 7: Yo my passion for blastin’ Askin’? Wielding axes Peelin’ back quick, your tactics will burn in matches Match this and get burnt to ashes Forgin’ master, pieces like black smiths watch the facts flip My actions speak louder I beat cats to weak powder Blow away the evidence, seek to leave doubters You need scouters to scour the land for fans and scan the sands My plan’s to stand and span the GAN What Outtro: Danger, Danger This is awarning to all MC’s, a warning to all crews Don’t confuse Nine Leaves as your little brother group Or some kids tryin’ to get in this rap shit Hold us to your weak standards Misinterpretate us and underrate us We got this shit right now Anything y’all bring to the table We gonna match that plus some boy boy It’s the fuckin’ Gardern State greats Reppin Jersey hard, so fuck what y’all think Study us motherfuckers Big Stang, one hundred
Closer 04:17
Intro Verse: On the interstate highway On the interstate highway switching lanes Flashing lights and some pouring rain Lord, why did you take them away Situation so strange How could this happen to me Insanity took advantage of me Chorus: Closer Sinking deeper ‘till you’re with me Verse 1: 5 o’clock in the afternoon Heading home from paying my dues My feet strain from discomforting shoes Passing the blocks where I chilled with my crew Sucking peanut chews Wolves got nothing to do Stay on the move Cut the corner quick Take off my tie, unbutton my shirt I pull to the curb, I’m finally home from work Step out the whip and it’s silent and shit Head towards the crib Bloody pathway, I’m runnin’ and quick I find my wife plus my kid just drenched in blood I fall to my knees I’m begging God Please, please, God don’t do this to me Run to the room and I’m grabbing my tool Any fool in the house is feeling the fumes I’m slipping my shoes This bloody stain I hear the rain dripping off the window pane Now I’m going insane I’m reaching for my kid’s picture frame I’m just, just reaching for the picture frame But my soul’s in flames Chorus Verse 2: Suddenly the door opens and I’m rolling across the floor Choking over broken glass Get in position Aiming for his ass Couldn’t see him My vision blurry There’s more than one I pulled the gun Then one dropped Then I heard “Stop, it’s the cops” Gunshot He ran through the back I went down the block Hopped in a Honda Civic hatchback Popped it in gear Felt the neck snap the rear Whipped back, hot flash I’m back on the interstate highway switching lanes Flashing lights and some pouring rain Lord, why did you take them away I pray Notice the temperature gauge Smoking hood, car over-aged Losing pace, pull to the side End of my ride I’m looking outside The gun to my thighs I’m looking up high Now I cry Tinted glass helps me hide It’s time I’m ready to die I’m ready to fly “No, I can’t go no more I lost control I need to stop this right now I need to stop” Verse 3: I’m not going nowhere Popped the clip Kiss the tip Once through the door Make it spit Try to hit everything I can get Let me sit for a sec Run my life through inspecs Took a long way, no regrets The loves of my life My kid and my wife I lost The stab of a knife is what it feels like I’m not the criminal type So fuck the gun I’ll step outside and act like I’m holding one It’s suicide Chorus Outtro: Closer “I’m here
I’m here baby I’m finally with you They can never break us And I’m a never let you go I love you”
Bitter Sweet 02:55
Verse 1: A life lost to the flow of the streets Swallowed by the barrel in the path of a beast Rosaries hanging down from my palms to my knees I’m actually believing the reason he had to leave is Maybe he’s free With a tight squeeze I breath Look towards the cross Except my sins before I storm through these doors With so many questions and no one to ask I’m putting myself together But I’m shattered like glass It’s a fine day anyway It’s been a week but I know where the shooter stay He make his run out of state Philly where he lay My source was brotherly love from the Jack Of Trades So walk with me as I go through the story line I’m trying to find my mind for this painful rhyme In time you people would see what this did to me Your breath and death is my life on this casualty Verse 2: Provoked Come close What he got he hides How I come to find this powder of a precious kind How he gonna go and steal from a violent mind Consider a loaded clip inside Though a life of crime has given me sights What a sight to describe what’s it’s like What a fight As the bullet exits right through flesh Headed for rest just left of a different man’s chest Another price met But I guess better him than me A life lost in an unintended casualty Verse 3: Quarter to three I’m creeping up his stoop The cops making their rounds With two bullets to shoot The first is for the pain To suffer before the rain The second is left engraved with my brother’s name Excuse me miss Get the fuck out my way I’m looking for Jay Jay He pulls out the gauge He’s driven to draw first But too late I aimed Verse 4: One shot One wound One spot Almost took all I got But I still got it cocked And this man’s gonna drop As soon as a I let it rock As soon as the bullet zooms Through gloom and his certain doom I’m consumed Confused as my hesitation looms Couldn’t move Couldn’t choose Could it be it was the moon But, gotta make decisions soon As I bleed As the sheen from my gun provides a scene I can see the look in his eyes I’d do it if mine I feel what he feels Something real in the anger from his steal Yet, never let the heart persuade is what I always said Loosen up, turn around Walk away and now I’m…
Inevitable 05:36
Verse 1: You gotta ask yourself the questions In order to learn the lessons What, when, and where is direction Reflecting the start and ending Apart from your heart pretending This trek is everlasting Know birth’s always the first And your death will be the last thing So each breath you’re passing Grasp it like your last We all feel the touch of luck And the flush of the bad path Sustain the pain of rain The same the makes the cry and laugh With harder losses be mad The greater gains, you’ll be glad Don’t neglect each step Respect it like you’re last Don’t wilt over spilled milk That filled the broken glass Fully focused on my craft That’s the pad and the pen Cuz inevitably fate will take before you say when When Chorus: And it’s inevitable It’s just inevitable And it is not to be feared Embrace it I cannot know Oh, I just feel it Verse 2: My tears are just enough To justify my feeling bloodlust And even though I’m dead I got the feeling that I must trust This lust for rage As the book of life turns another dismal page I find the strength to wage war On how I’m expecting to act How I’m another fact Of how it’s so easy to turn a man back Into what I had thought was to be my very final breath of life To be the end of reality But as I merge with the world I begin to find that peace of mind Is unavoidable by design And all that exists is just illusions of hate Just confusion intended to make us elevate Peeling back my skin I intend to fly into life But my eyes will reside in the sky Where my tears will turn to rain And fall to earth to ease the pain Chorus Verse 3: The hurt of a world of pain Thrust with the rush of a burning flame I learned in turn the words of love and hate all hurt the same It’s enough to make a nigga bust It’s like the gust of a hurricane I must try to stay on dry earth To weather the worst of rain I’m climbing the highest mountain And I’m surviving the worst terrain My life is immersed in verses Don’t let my words be heard in vain It’s the pain of my life’s love That’s keeping my blood warm Love is the eye of evil’s storm Love is the honey of evil’s swarm Love is the first cry in the eye of a mother’s born We’re born to die to be born again And in the end living no longer I ask Death with my last breath Please let the living grow stronger So every time I write I try and make up for lost time Cuz like 2 Pac and Biggie you will hear me through my ghost rhyme Chorus
Full Moon 03:59
Verse 1: Life breeds love like a knife streams blood Night dreams of nice things Might these come? Time sees no light so she fights mean cuz Her rights mean so much, his pride means none These eyes have seen signs My rhymes I read crimes She tries he undermines, she cries he doesn’t mind She left this mothafucker for about a hundered times The nigga never quit so it’s time to grab the nine Dumb son of a bitch it’s not the time to just deny How about a apologize, you about to fuckin’ die Now look into his eyes for the last n’ final time Keep ya kids in mind when you decide to cross that line Chorus:
 (Rush) Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soarin’ up off the floor Screaming rhymes Shoutin’ lines into lives With the sky always mine In the state of a regular high Life, life, life, life Feel the sound of these lines Come through the symphony of our lives Verse 2: The flesh of my flesh The blood of my blood Is in a heck of a mess A muck made of mud Of his dirt and their tears The hurt and despair Covered by curtains of fear And no one’s aware But when it’s made clear He’s scared no one will be there Though I’m pissed I’ll always be fair Be clear I always be here This aint just a song Although you’re morally wrong I’ll help you move on And the movement is strong Through these troublesome times Regardless the crime We still tie the same blood line Brah I’m Soul, body, and mind Nobody’s inclined to hold by the divine design Of the most high Though you, I, and most try Most lie, boast, cry In these events we’re just instruments In the symphony of life Simply there’s strife Don’t play into it Stay abrim of it Stang Chorus:
 (Rush) Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soarin’ up off the floor Through the lies Through the cries Through the signs Through the crimes With the nine through the terrible, terrible times Life, life, life, life Let the sound of these rhymes Come through the symphony of our lives Verse 3: Seasons are blended But reasons offended Has lended a hand to the reason you’re tensin’ Has got the best of us Lessons are just that So let us adjust Better that us Learn the lessons of trust So just influx Know composed flows are fused Confused? Pause take a second to choose Live life to the fullest Lose all that I got Let me take a bit of both and put it all in a pot I….am…. A dead man walkin’ A thinker that thinks often It don’t mean I’m not attracted I am distracted By going on’s around us Live life like a nomad But the arrow found us Astoundin’ Soundin’ like a poet jokin’ But the toll takes a serious token No rollin’ over to get mowed and ripped You’re in my heart so Rhymes in my soul And that’s it What Verse 4: All the criminals runnin’ And all the sinister gunnin’ There’s still sun in the son Whose one that’s got to hear the phone ring All we need is an angel to sing So all the mothers of soldiers Won’t have to hear the bell ring Cuz life’s light strikes right through pain And uh, life’s love runs deep through strain A shadow of the former self Waking, moving, stepping through the shadow To a higher shelf Myself to life I rush Chorus:
 (Rush) Feel the rush of life come through your touch And the touch entice your sights with such Decisive scenes and dreams you’ll fiend for more While you’re soarin’ up off the floor Screaming rhymes Shoutin’ lines into lives With the sky always mine In the state of a regular high Life, life, life, life Feel the sound of the nine Come through the symphony of our lives
Red Dress (free) 02:57
Song Concept: A unique love story where a man becomes captivated by a woman who he's just seen for the first time, and all he desires is to have one dance with her. Verse 1: Once upon a night Upon a fading sun A steady pace to some But in truth longing to be undone It’s kind of like being in doors during a storm Viewing through window panes But missing the feel of the rain As it pours down Such a soothing sound I just need something more now I just need to let it all out Cover ground to new heights Where passion engulfs me like a light That’s a life That’s when she came in sight As when lightning strikes You’re filled with an awe And this glorious form It moves you along And it moves you to song And that dress she had on was like a red dawn Ooh she had a red dress on The color of a red dawn Verse 2: Just to watch you dance Eyes open wide Lust put aside I’m seeing for the first time Just to watch you dance Just to watch you dance Just to watch you move Brings purpose and it soothes Just to watch you dance I don’t need your name I don’t number or need you to feel the same Just to watch you dance It made me say wow One word Called out loud Simple yet so complex I feel it in my chest It made me say wow Chorus She had a red dress on Man she looked so good She had a red dress on She looked so good She had a red dress on She had a red dress on Verse 3: Following the heart’s desire I step up onto the floor Before I walk away I’m determined to let it soar So I risk it all Ending this moment is what I chance But there’s no way I’m leaving this place without a dance I don’t want romance I just want to have your opposite stance Feeling enhanced to inspire trance Need another sense of her dress One word can only express Simple and complex I feel it in my chest Outtro: Oh wow And I said wow Ooh she had that red dress on The color of a red dawn Got so much style baby That red dress was killing me The color of a red dawn I said wow to that red dress I knew I would be alright if I just dance
Verse 1: Let ‘em touch me Let ‘em seek to try and rush me Let me crack the hourglass To end this waiting so they can crush me My living it tempts the bent of path Whose wrath would see me burned But my strokes of luck have struck a cord With swords of those who’ve learned And I’ve turned to face the beast I’ll be silenced to say the least But I’ll cease to fear the fear that wrecks this puzzle that I’ve pieced As I embattle this counter siege My liege self will stealthy die Cuz with so many guns and only one There’s no one to fortify So know that I decry with certainty Flirting with my insurgency While cursing this incursion that’s curing despite the hurting See I’m dangerous And it’s worth the curse Cuz if I don’t it’s worse So motherfuckers better bring the hearse And understand My nimble mind aint got time to deal with lies alive inside a fuckin’ prison Cuz I’m ridden with notions that oceans of life await me So I’ll take my chances dancing with the death to breathe in safety Chorus: Cuz the amaranth sees in amaranthine dreams And the predator sees what sort of predator screams And it’s the same old plot Denying they took the first shot Must have been that crazy man deserving what he got Verse 2: Leaning on door planks with spinning, smoking techs I’m grinning, focused let’s begin this locus fest Lord of the flies Orders to die Slaughter your lies Bordered up pride So despite the vast blood loss The pain will just ride And in vain I must cry To judge freedom I fight forth To test the right course And plug up life’s force With clots of mic cords So electrifying Phenetix speaks easy And the freedom of speech flows freely From each individual, see me Crunch time decision maker Spin a web but weave a tale to buy your time So you can make or break or run for it Fuck this shit Stand my ground and make a gun for it So when I turn to bust You must realize that you want none of this Verse 3: In the depths of my being I free demons To search for the reason of malfeasance That be bleeding my breathing Blood of the lamb tainted Infected and holding hatred With single celled pace I erase my former trace A former case Our contact tract will crack backs And backed I hold fast But tracked, I won’t last See seemingly streaming’s the proper means of my seething And I’m concealing conceiving while I’m conceiving deceiving Verse 4: The reaper speaks so fuckin’ furious Marksmen can snipe for miles And the sparks can wipe the smiles Them too smart to light the trials Your heart’s piped inside of vials Behind mills between the silo Cry slow for your survival Hence the truth will never die though Chorus Verse 5: Let ‘em try and take me Let ‘em seek to taunt and taint me Let ‘em try to talk me down And shake my spirit so they can break me Two lines for every side of the story The sly and the sorry The violence is gory Elude the lies that are luring I don’t walk in secret And I don’t stalk in seasons With iniquitous rhythms my system is seizing this treason Believe in the problem solver A revolver to clap at you bastards Actual actions Find the demons marching, matching your passions Verse 6: Demons are feeding And breeding My inner self explodes With weapons of mass destruction And tensions to sunder the suction Corruption consumption Conducting, constructing eruption of these dungeons I bludgeon all ‘till they fall See my grave is raised My contempt’s been gauged Now this motherfucking rage has found a helpful sage And these blades are cold Inflicting cuts untold And this day is of a shade that’s of a fadeless mold Verse 7: I spin around and pound the gavel I spin around and smooth the gravel To prepare a bed for the bastards that flew the sparrow Modern day arrows pierce fort walls that do surround me Drops of sap from the seeds I’ve sewn flood the ground around me Surreal, but yet astounding Truth speaker turned to martyr Prepare the fledgelings to flock from the nest to teach the rest Without a vest They are the starter Of Desert Eagles hunting Spray stray shots to aid the chaos So they don’t come in
On The 10th 03:55
Chorus: This undying love in my heart Held captive by the fact that we’ve been torn apart Although I know there’s no letting go I’m still alone A still depone Bemoan to fill my soul Verse 1: The drummer boy Still drumming and marching I’m humming the trumpets are gone and departed I’m feeling bravehearted And hazed by the violence Cuz my senses tell me this war is childish At home where my mind slips At home where my child sits beside my wife Besides this fight They’ve been on my mind since the instant I left Just to think that I left To help, to fight While the health of my wife wasn’t at best A rhinovirus infected her chest She says that it’s less She stressed that it’s best that I go and protect And do what I must We discussed then a thrust of entrust hit me stern Unconcerned now Man of house my son had now earned So I turn to the road To a journey unknown All I know is the goal is return to my home So, I march to the valley of death with no fear, My sword, my shield, A lock of her hair, proper luck, I keep tucked in a spot of my gear My paths locked I ask God If this would end tragically Please watch over my family I can except my fate Based upon how far you’ve taken me If my wife can feel the pain and grieve Then have a saint Take my seed. Verse 2: I promise to stay by your side As I watch from upon on high Come up when it’s your time Until then I’ll ride And for him foreworn him A guide to his stride A light for this last flight A slight insight from the past life Forever your wife From the start how I tried Till death did we part To my vows I abide Chorus Verse 3: Raise shield Yield sword Noise like violent storm The archers aim Then Arthur falls Can’t stop to mourn Move on, march on Our army’s strong They will fall eventually In comes the infantry Killed one, killed three We cut through them like weeds Run through with light speed Through the cloud light bleeds Right on me can’t see Lift my shield So, oh I blocked the blow Whoah, the man on high guides my way Dragonfly flies on my blade Swing it flies away Slink then another slaid What is happening Back to attack again Then I trip through See her musk thistle Hear “It must miss you” Feel the heat near as the flaming spears whisk through They whistle by I can’t see your eyes I can’t see your smile I conceive you’ve died I can’t seem to cry I can’t explain I don’t know why I feel the pain Feel whole inside The goal is still I must get back to home So I pick up, move on For my family I go Outtro: To our family you go my sweet Till then I’ll hold your seat For my saint till we meet Again
Polkadot Dreams (free) 03:56
Intro: “Look for the polka-dots and wear the suit Everything will be taken care of 12 o’clock Keep it clean” “He’ll be there at midnight Make sure he don’t fuck up” “Yeah, it’s real simple” Verse 1: You’re only as good as your last job Hang up the horn Button my vest With the heater laced to my chest Dressed with the best double breasted Italian wear I am completely aware Get the job done No bloody affair Verse 2: Paid the valet his pay Stepped away with a pace of haste I’m more than a few seconds late Make my way to the place Look at the damn line Fuck standing in line I cut the damn line Dap the bouncer like my man Pound with president Grant Now I walk in right according to plan Smooth Latin grooves by the band led by Zan He’s singing “One Man” That’s my jam Sexy girls dance in clans of three in front of me See the polka dots at the coat spot I proceed I leave the black leather Receive back the Beretta Now I’m ready for whatever The plan’s coming together Chorus:
One man’s love is another man’s pain One man’s loss is another man’s gain One child’s tears And it falls like rain One man’s blood running through my veins Verse 3: My roam’s now a skip The chrome’s on my hip Try not to trip and look suspicious Fuck this Needs me a sip just to stable my nerves Fuck the bar I’m a star Got a table reserved Verse 4: Yo thanks for the tip Here’s your drink I made it extra hard So sip it slow so you don’t sink Grabbing all the top shelves Line your glasses up Cuz I’m filling them all up Just to see more bucks Awe struck at the polka dots walking to the booth Waitress get this tray up to that VIP dude Verse 5: VIP is dead But still there’s nothing best I see a short dress Long legs, exposed chest In slow steps With a tray by side A drink I didn’t buy Look at the bar See the guy with the ladybug tie Looking for signs Henne raw, napkin right Let me read the scribbled mess And check the draw and design Verse 6: You got thirty seconds so make your mind up You got two routes But only one out It’s time to climb up the stairs And to get there you’re passing the stage to the left of the band Hope that you’re ready for games Ready to look up at the elevator Don’t go in it Cuz if you do you run the risk that they can lock you up in it So pass it up Hang a right on some Splinter Cell missions Avoid the cameras up three flights And take your position Verse 7:
Read the statistics Now I know what the math is Strike my book of matches Plus the prints lay in the ashtray Now it’s ashes Jump quick from where I sit and sip Convert my skip to a dash Shit Bumped by this prick Still I gotta move quick Not to be rude in mood So I wink I think I can’t spare the time for stairs to climb The elevator’s a dare but there clear in sight Up three flights right Open doors slide Target in sight I pull it from the side Beretta lead flies He dies There’s cheddar to find Déjà vu Why Open doors slide He must of armed the alarm Rushed by guards that are armed I fire on and get fired upon Me rinse out me gun Them expired and gone Without haste I grab the suitcase Closed case Mi gwon Chorus Verse 8: I kept pace but took the back way Heat to my chest like strapped grenades I move smooth Lock and load With shots fired Enter third stage Motherfucker made a mess Caress the trigger and fuckin’ aim A single shot running through his veins
I know a lot of people they wonder just where we’ll end up Living happy ever after loving our neighbor and such But seeing our situation must admit it is tough Cuz more than half the population still has yet to grow up Now after twenty plus centuries let us see what’s what And examine some point of views to see if we can wake up And understand the paranoia that we have through the years What I ask is who it is that we should currently fear Wait Easy question Just turn the TV on to get the valuable lesson Cuz the question doesn’t warrant thinking more than a second It’s all the Middle Eastern fanatics with nuclear weapons, right Those brown people with their silly Islam Cuz only they possess the intelligence to make a bomb Yet I could of sworn I heard of something called Vietnam And some scary people Midwest don’t read the Koran It’s not a question of arms It’s a quest for concern Paranoia’s a state of being for which we have yearned But vulnerability’s a state with which you must come to terms And defining terrorism’s up to one to discern But if you think it comes from only big bearded men Just recall the setting of Weaver in Ruby Ridge when Mother of three holding her baby shot in the head After the ATF mowed down their only son dead Think back to lovely Waco Texas and then Ponder exactly where supposed terrorists den But if not Arabs who should we fear instead Okay I got it It’s all of the people in the projects Black and Hispanic always trying to steal my contents Without a conscience You know the place and the route Where minorities orally order your wallet come out Where inner city youths are always shooting about Looking to pounce Making profits off the drugs they sell out But see I’m calling it out Because I truly do doubt That Central Park is the place where these drugs up and sprout Are you catching my drift Or do you need me to shout Need me to walk and talk all of the nonsense you spout How many gun manufacturing plants are under ya How many blacks are on flights to Columbia Not a whole lot So no wonder you’re wondering You’re wonderful hatred is coming in with a thundering Ignorance cluttering Causing violent concussions And while you integrate My statements have you rapidly shuddering Rapidly butter your toast It’s going down your throat Listen to what I’m saying You need it more than most Cuz blacks are only 12 percent of the population Yet they account for 30 percent of the nation’s arrests This is not a test But I stress you pay attention ‘till everything connects Cuz the leading cause of death for young black men Is murder by other men No pretend This is what it is This is what you live Take a second to remove the dagger from your ribs Cuz more than not The offender’s race is the same as the victim that’s shot, stabbed, or whatever It’s not a plot but a choice you got See, you’ve been assigned to the character criminal And in addition to subliminal acceptance of the role that’s been given you You don’t acknowledge what you’re living through Start to see it through And of course the contribution of the news is certainly critical Thus I don’t advise taking the media literal Unless you like fiction with your cereal Cuz only 1 percent of all killers are serial Yet if you went by the news you should be shaking hysterical Causing a medical team to come and inspect ya Fearing a black man’s gonna come and get ya Time to check the facts National crime on the whole ‘s been declining since the early 1990’s So keep breathing, relax Entertainment motivates their presentation of stats And emotions are manipulated So I can’t really say that I’m swayed by any prime time official statements Where desire to think for yourself Puts you in violation of the government’s interpretation So what should you fear? Mid-east WMD’s Or mistaken American death penalties What should you fear? Drug dealers selling crack Or genetically modified food you eat in stacks Who should you fear? The teenage kids in detention Or the ones in suits stealing your pension Who should you fear? Homeless people in the streets Or the politicians making decisions while safe in their seats Who should you fear? Gang members who would kill for a stare Or the ones charging you for your healthcare And pharmaceutical companies keep ‘em paying for the treatment Cuz cures don’t reap as well as continued diseases Institutions explicit interest is in making money off of your existence in sickness That’s some ridiculous sick shit And police commit crimes in the name of justice Aint no way McCarthy could ever have touched this Cops using race to further their case And then they wonder why there’s so many blacks behind the prison gates Prison inmate That’s a fate that awaits so many black males Cuz according to the state Half of them get arrested for index crimes to date So police, police Yes to them let’s unleash All our anger whenever there’s an officer in the street Whether local, state, or federal level if we meet They’re gonna feel what it’s like to be at a person’s feet That goes for any chief, patrol men, and even desk staff Come on man, you trying to make me laugh Have we not progressed beyond five and a half Pointing and shouting in kindergarten class For real You can’t condemn ‘em in general Cuz all that really does is make your position less credible Untenable is such a claim These people are out every day risking their lives to save People like me and you That’s not to say I condone everything they do Cuz quite a few are power hungry and prejudiced But there’s evidence of many with humanitarian sentiments So if not blacks or cops I got one more idea for where our fear should drop White people For their wars and hate have always been quite lethal Prejudicial homicide, military genocide Whites are certainly heading the art of war unequaled Their religion of cathedrals have killed and malled Causing indigenous African worldviews to fall Native Americans are barely left at all And those who disagree have always crumbled or crawled Yet he sustains and the white man remains standing tall So if lack of pigment brings sin Then given the color of my skin Maybe you should fear me But do my cells contain genes that make me guilty of causing the practice of slavery No matter the race Can anyone truly inherit disgrace Ancestral kin Let’s begin by seeing this issue for what it is Cuz it’s easier to hate than to comprehend Easier to fear than to understand men Examine your foreign or racial policy And ask, do I grasp the concept of a self fulfilling prophecy So you can hate whites
Or any other race if you like Be aware though you’re bound to lose the fight Cuz all you little puppets like to strike with your might But the puppet master’s got far better sight Now understand right where you stand Racism, terrorism, they go hand in hand Whether you manage land Or have a hand in scams Social division is simply part of the plan While you run, run, run in the same place While you watching the TV learning the criminal’s face While everyone around you’s in heightened states While you look to the sky praying for God’s grace But heaven be damned should you use your voice Or ever discover that you actually have a choice Cuz truth be told when it’s all said and dealt The only thing that you should ever fear is yourself


The debut self-titled album from Nine Leaves. Combining melodic music with rap and some rock, this was the beginning of the unique hybrid sound that came to define Nine Leaves.


released January 31, 2006

Music composed, recorded, and mixed by Zack Hemsey

Album mastered by Lou Hemsey @ Lou Hemsey Music and Film

Cover Art: Krista A. Leemhuis (www.tenthorbital.com)


all rights reserved



Nine Leaves Palisades Park

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